Pharmaceutical R&D Tablet Drillers

R&D Tablet Drilling Systems

CMS Laser’s tablet drillers are used around the world to process tablets at extremely high throughput. Our pharmaceutical clients, however, also require methods for research and development on their tablets, identifying optimal aperture diameters for their tablets of all shapes and sizes.

To maximize the efficiency of the R&D process, we met with several pharmaceutical engineers and identified pain points in the tablet drilling R&D process. We took that information and developed two systems to help improve research and development processes within the industry.

R&D Tablet Driller

R&D Tablet Driller

This laser tablet drilling system is designed to allow simple testing of small batches of tablets. Researchers can examine aperture number and size for osmotic pump efficiency and rates. Batches are large enough to accurately test without wasting hundreds or thousands of tablets and our proprietary LaserDrill32 software makes adjustments quick and easy for the machine operators.

Tablets are loaded into trays which fit on an X/Y/Z axis table in the system. Dependent on tablet size, several hundred tablets can be placed into each tray.

R&D Laser Drilling System Advantages

  • X-Y-Z tables to position tray of tablets through the drilling field
  • Trays are hand loaded by system operator, drill side up. A second tray can be loaded while the first is processing, allowing for increased throughput.
  • Multiple apertures drilled per side, if required.
  • Aperture diameters 0.2 to 2mm, with larger sizes available.
  • System handles multiple tablet shapes and sizes including Biconvex, circular, ROD, LCT, and caplet. Additional shapes and sizes can be reviewed for compatibility.
  • Class I system for maximum operator safety.
  • LaserDrill32 Integrated Drilling Software
  • Self-contained cooling.
  • Stainless Steel Fume Extraction System.
  • Optional IQ/OQ/PQ support and documentation available.
  • Optional vision inspection station available.
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 Compliance for signature and audit logs

TD-10 Tablet Driller

TD-10 Tablet Driller

The TD-10 laser tablet drilling system is a completely automated, on the fly driller, complete with an integrated vision system. It will drill 10,000 tablets per hour, which can provide a bridge platform between the hand-loaded R&D tablet driller and our TD-70 and TD-140 systems, which drill 70,000 and 140,000 tablets per hour, respectively. The slower output allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to test tablets on a fully automated tablet driller. Tablet aperture numbers and sizes can be tested on smaller runs before passing to our high speed drillers.

Testing aside, the TD-10 is an extremely capable, full functioned laser tablet driller often used for tablets that have considerably smaller run sizes that don’t require high speed systems.

TD-10 Laser Drilling System Advantages

  • Offers true “on the fly” tracking of the tablets producing superior aperture quality over the full range of aperture sizes.
  • The feeder with color detection and handling system offers an excellent handling environment for a smoother transition, and less chance of tablet breakage and lost yield.
  • Capable of throughput up to 10,000 per hour, based on an 8mm tablet with 0.6mm aperture.
  • Integrated vision system provides 100% system validation.
  • CMS Laser provides the software for compliance to CFR 21 part 11 regarding electronic signatures and audit logs. CMS Laser provides the Validation Group with support and documentation for the performance of the IQ/OQ/PQ tests.
  • Standard aperture sizes range from 0.2mm to 2.0mm. Aperture size is programmable.

Laser R&D Tablet Drilling Videos

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