Laser Wire Marking

Lasers Marking Wire & Cable

Billions of feet of cable and wire are installed around the world annually, and nearly all of it has some amount of marking requirement. Fast, precise wire marking methods that don’t damage the insulation, sheathing, or actual wire/cable is a constant demand. There are a variety of methods on the market, but none come close to the flexibility, precision, and speed of laser wire markers.

Advantages of Laser Marked Wire & Cable

Wire marks are usually a combination of manufacturer information and product identification, although some additional required or optional marks may be found on different wires/cables. The ideal method for marking needs to be easily adaptable to product changes, have no consumables like inks or masks, and show excellent permanence properties. Laser wire marking excels at each, and is now the standard for wire manufacturers and users around the world.

Because the sheathing or insulation is actually changed in the process, the mark cannot be rubbed, scraped or scrubbed off. It shows the same properties as the insulation itself, and that lets it withstand the same heat, cold, liquid, and flexing levels as unmarked wire.

Laser Wire & Cable Marking Systems

CMS Laser invented On the Fly wire marking and our systems have been used by the world’s largest manufacturers and users of wire and cable. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin rely on CMS Laser wire marking systems, and so do several small businesses.

Nobody can afford to make mistakes on large capital purchases, and our Client List shows the trust that companies all over the world place in their CMS Laser wire and cable marking systems. Contact our Applications Lab engineers for a no-cost/no-obligation product analysis. We’ll use your samples and design an application that solves the manufacturing and production challenges you’re encountering.

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