Off-Axis Vision

Off-Axis Vision

CMS Laser utilizes vision systems to assist in various part-handling processes, such as automating various laser applications, pre and post validation, feature identification, and many more. Our off-axis vision configuration is used for most of our systems where through the optics vision (TTOV) can’t be utilized at its fullest potential.

Our engineers have been developing and integrating vision systems into laser machines for more than two decades. We combine vision hardware—cameras, lighting, and optics—with our extensive knowledge of Cognex software and vision algorithms to develop off-axis, robot and coaxial vision systems.

Off-Axis Direct

The camera and laser point downward as the laser performs its function. This setup works well for conveyors and gantry lasers. The camera first acquires the part location and verifies any data, then the laser is positioned over the processing area.

Off-Axis At An Angle

While the laser points downward, the camera sits o to the side and at an angle—eliminating the need for motion between the laser and camera position. Due to the angle, the software corrects the distorted image using perspective calibration.

Off-Axis Vision Benefits

  • Process identification, validation, and guidance reduces manufacturing errors.
  • Consistent alignment of markings, weld and cut locations.
  • Enables advanced automated manufacturing capabilities and reduces human errors.
  • Attach to robot arms for recognizing part orientation for presenting a specific area to the laser for processing.
  • Larger field of view (FOV) compared to TTOV to allow for barcode reading, OCR/OCV, etc.

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Vision Assisted Robots

Vision assisted material handling with robots is an ecient solution for processing an array of parts on a pallet or fixture matrix. Using feature recognition techniques, the robot is able to pick and rotate parts to be processed by a laser. This greatly reduces the time it takes to load parts in a specific way in a fixture while reducing human errors.CMS Laser has decades of experience working with vision systems and robots, and has successfully delivered a number of custom laser systems for solving complex material handling challenges for Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the world.

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PCB Marking Systems with Off-Axis Vision

Laser Marking System with Vision Assisted Robot Part Handling

Laser Marking Appliance Panels with Off-Axis Vision System

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Contact our engineers today to start your application process and see how off-axis vision may be a solution for your production needs. Find more information about CMS Laser’s camera vision capabilities on our VISION LAB page or by checking out our TECHNICAL BLOGS on the topic.