Laser-Focused Engineering™

Laser-Focused Engineering™

CMS Laser combines the best-of-class lasers, deep application knowledge, cutting-edge machine vision and validation technologies and automated part-handling capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions around the world.

We choose only the best available products from our vendors and combine them with our 40-plus years of industry expertise to provide you with a system built—not converted—to your unique needs.


We use a variety of lasers, wavelengths and optics to meet your material marking, cutting, drilling, etching and welding requirements.

No two lasers are the same. While some lasers are suited to a specific material, others can handle multiple applications and materials at the same time. No matter your requirements, we look at these and various other factors to determine the right laser for you.

With access to every laser on the market, we can build you the best-fitting, most complete system available anywhere in the world today. While we often draw from the list of current commercial lasers, we’ll also work with you on designing and delivering a custom solution—keeping your production running at optimal speeds and improving your ROI.

Application Knowledge

Our engineers don’t design machines—they design solutions. For over 40 years, we’ve exceeded our customers’ expectations by bringing our technical expertise and creative problem-solving to every challenge we’ve encountered. We’re a world leader in discovering and delivering industrial applications powered by lasers. Our solutions have earned patents, awards and—most importantly—client trust. We’ll solve even your toughest manufacturing challenge with an eye to operator safety, speed and ROI.

You’ll achieve production speeds at costs you never thought were possible—an outcome that has encouraged many of our customers to add more laser systems to their operation. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to deliver a custom laser system, only to double that order six months later. Our clients include major aerospace companies like Boeing, General Electric and Lockheed Martin, as well as consumer product manufacturers like Bose, Rawlings and Rollerblade.

You’ll find our systems in thousands of industrial applications around the world. Our engineers test various lasers, powers and speeds—regardless of brand or manufacturer—to provide you with the best possible solution. Once we find the right laser combination for your product, we look at how to best integrate it into your operation. From standalone machines to fully automated inline systems, we build every solution to exacting specifications and from the highest-quality materials.

Vision and Validation Technologies

We provide vision validation systems to verify the presence, placement and alignment of parts and to improve the quality of your laser-based operation—whether welding, drilling, cutting, marking, micro-processing or surface treatment. By performing pre-cycle checks and verifying post-cycle functions, our validation systems guarantee you’ll get the most out of your production line.

Capabilities include:

  • Performing pre-cycle checks to ensure proper part placement and alignment
  • Preventing processes from running while the door is open or an operator is in the process area
  • Performing post-cycle checks to verify all processes have functioned as designed
  • Shutting a system down if parts are rejected by the validation process

We can easily add these capabilities to any of our turnkey laser systems, as well as to custom systems developed specifically for your operation.

Automated Part-handling Capabilities

We design and build automated laser-processing systems to improve your uptime and productivity levels—giving you a competitive edge in this fast-paced world. Our engineers have extensive experience integrating robotics into laser-based machines—from single-axis vacuum pick robots, to vision-controlled SCARA robots working together simultaneously.

Our On the Fly (OTF) technology guarantees all parts are processed quickly and without interruption as they pass through the laser field—increasing your throughput in converting applications, as well as on conveyors, extrusions and other automated manufacturing lines. Our machines also offer high-speed pick and place capabilities, vision verification and custom software integration of laser and automation controls—including your PLC network.

From development to installation, we’ll work with you on solving even your toughest manufacturing challenge. Our Applications Lab engineers are happy to process your samples for free and will provide you with a fully automated design concept that meets your application requirements for cost, work environment and safety protocols.


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