Through The Optics Vision

Through The Optics Vision

For over two decades, our engineers have been developing and integrating vision systems into laser processing machines. Leveraging this technical expertise, we’ll design a laser system that meets your requirements for speed, accuracy and cost.

We offer a variety of optical configurations, including through the optics vision (TTOV)—a complex, yet critical camera setup for laser systems within high-speed manufacturing lines.

Under this configuration, the camera system utilizes the same lens as the laser. It also uses galvanometer mirrors to examine parts on the same axis as the laser beam—improving the speed of the camera’s field of view and minimizing the delay between the vision operation and laser processing.

Although the field of view is small, through the optics vision (TTOV) is extremely fast and offers both high resolution and magnification.

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To learn more about our vision capabilities, visit our Vision Lab.

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