Robotic Systems

Robotic Part Handling

Integrating robotics with industrial laser systems can increase production throughput, add flexibility in part handling, and ensure precise locating and positioning. CMS Laser’s engineers have extensive experience integrating robots into custom laser systems in a variety of ways. Some examples of robotics integration include: high speed pick and place for load/unload of parts, vision assisted part handling, dynamic part positioning under the laser focus, and depending on the laser type, direct laser manipulation. Based on the application and automation requirements, CMS Laser can integrate anything from a single, one-axis robot up to multiple, 6-axis, vision-controlled robots working simultaneously.

For a specific example of how CMS Laser has implemented Robotics into a recent system, see our blog post Implementing Robotic Automation with Laser Applications.

CMS Laser designs and manufactures custom industrial laser machines to meet even the toughest application challenges. Many times this will include integrating robots from the industries top robotics companies into our systems. Contact our sales engineers today to see how we can develop a laser solution for you!

The videos and images below show examples of CMS Laser’s robotics integration with industrial laser systems.

Industrial Laser Marking Systems with Robotic Part Handling

The first video below shows robotics integrated into a machine to laser etch graphics,
2D data matrices, and text onto a metal part. See our Laser Marking of Metal page for
further details on this application.

The second video shows an example of oxidization marking on metal parts. See our
blog Guide to Oxidation Laser Marking

Robotic Laser Processing

LED Laser Marking Robotic Manufacturing System

The video below shows a robot being used to handle plastic LED cases while the laser
is marking text and graphics onto them. See our Laser Marking of Plastics page!

Ytterbium Fiber Laser Marking System w/Robot Part Transport

20-Watt Ytterbium Fiber Laser Marking System w/Robot Transport Workstation

Laser Surface Texturing using Robotics

Wafer/Sapphire Marking System

Laser Marking Dental Drill Bits