On-the-Fly Processing

On-the-Fly Processing

High-speed laser processing for moving parts

On-the-Fly (OTF) Processing is a technique that allows a laser system to process parts while they are in motion. Often times in automated manufacturing environments, stopping parts on a production line is not cost effective or feasible and the need for processing these parts becomes important. At CMS Laser, our engineers are experts at designing and manufacturing laser systems that incorporate OTF processing for applications such as laser marking, laser drilling, laser cutting, and many more.

OTF Capabilities

  • Velocity Tracking – Software can track steady state motion, accelerations, and decelerations in real-time based on encoder feedback.
  • Simulated OTF – A simpler version of OTF is where average velocity is either set by the software or represented by an analog voltage to track a part moving at a constant velocity.
  • In The Round and Straight Path Tracking – Most OTF applications track parts in a straight path but CMS systems can also track parts as they move in an arced path or at an angle to the galvo head if required.


Our On-the-Fly tablet drilling systems integrate ultra-fast galvos and software controls to accurately drill up to 140,000 pharmaceutical tablets per hour. These systems utilize trepanning to ensure every drilled hole meets its required tolerance. Once the initial hole is set, the laser spirals outwards—expanding the hole by a specified range.

Wire Marking

We build On-the-Fly wire marking and stripping systems that exceed speeds of 600 feet per minute. In addition to meeting MIL-SPEC requirements, these systems can incorporate marking, stripping and cutting capabilities and have been battle-tested in some of the world’s most demanding manufacturing environments.

Extrusion Processing

Extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process, during which raw materials are melted and formed into continuous profiles. It produces items like PVC pipe and other tubing, window frames, thermoplastic coatings, wire insulation and more. Many of these products require high-speed, accurate part marking, cutting and drilling—making laser technology a perfect fit.

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Other OTF Applications

  • Distance Marking – OTF systems are often used to mark distance labels along the length of a part such as tubing, wire, tape, or other products.
  • 2D Data Matrix / QR Code / 1D Barcode Marking – OTF systems can mark barcodes as the part is traveling through the scanning field.
  • Product Packaging on Conveyors – Mark date codes and serial numbers on product packaging traveling at high-speeds on conveyor belts.
  • Coated Medical Wire Stripping – OTF laser removal of coated copper medical wires used in medical device manufacturing.


Extrusion Line Laser Marking System

Laser Processing on High Speed Extrusion Lines


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We can incorporate our On-the-Fly technology into any of our turnkey laser systems for welding, cutting, marking or drilling. For free sample development and analysis, contact our APPLICATIONS LAB.

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