On The Fly

On the Fly Laser Production

Many manufacturing production lines allow for our laser systems to interact with their parts and products in a constant processing flow. Automated systems, where the parts are loaded, lased, and unloaded without human part handling still have “takt time” (the time required to load/unload, etc.) On the Fly allows the parts to continuously move through the laser field, be lased, and to continue on in the process or be collected. The elimination of “takt time” can exponentially increase process speeds.

Two common uses for On the Fly lasing are pharmaceutical tablet drilling and wire marking. In each case, the product moves seamlessly along being drilled or marked, respectively, with no system stops for reloading and/or unloading.

On the Fly can be incorporated into any CMS Laser system, and can be used in welding, cutting, marking, or drilling. Extraordinary throughput can be reached with these methods due to the complete automation and constant movement. Long and efficient product runs mean a better ROI for your parts, and our mechanical and Apps Lab engineers have produced some “out of the box” thinking solutions to allow On the Fly lasing to be used on parts that would not seem, at first glance, to lend themselves to this method.


On the Fly Drilling

CMS Laser’s high speed tablet drilling systems use ultra-fast galvos and software controls developed by our in-house team to accurately drill pharmaceutical tablets at speeds exceeding 140,000 tablets per hour. 39 tablets per second. And that’s not randomly punching a simple hole somewhere on the pill as it goes by.

Our laser tablet drilling systems utilize trepanning to ensure the drilled hole meets the required tolerance. An initial hole is set and then the laser spirals outward, expanding the hole into the specified range…in approximately 1/40th of a second.


On the Fly Drilling

CMS laser builds On The Fly wire marking and stripping systems that meet all MIL-SPEC requirements at speeds exceeding 600 feet per minute. Our systems can incorporate any or all of marking, stripping, and cutting, and they have been battle-tested in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments in the world. Sequential numbers pulled from mfg data, marks between stripes, variable fonts and more make CMS laser wire systems the most complete and capable machines on the market today.


On the Fly Marking

Laser marking on the fly offers several advantages to manufacturers. Beside the simple reduction in costs and labor using traditional printing methods, on the fly lasing allows for significant improvements in ROI over other forms of laser marking. With no part loading, manually or robotically, parts are rapidly fed across the laser field through to the next part of the manufacturing process.

Vision systems can even allow parts to arrive in the laser field in different orientations. The optics identify the variation to the laser which orients for each part’s alignment. This can be done at very high speeds, possibly meaning less time spent getting your parts to face a certain direction.

Some parts, like pharmaceutical tablets on the first tab or the candle wick holders shown in the video on this tab, have some requirement for how they pass through the field and are marked. Our engineers have years of experience developing part delivery systems that ensure a combination of high speed and precision lasing.

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