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Laser Welding of Plastic Laser Welding of Metal
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With its many advantages over traditional welding techniques, laser beam welding is becoming the welding method of choice in many different industries, including Medical Device Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, and many more.

At Control Micro Systems, Inc. we design industrial laser systems to process your specific welding application. With our Free Sample Processing, our Application Lab will choose the laser and optics specifically for your requirements and develop the welding process. Our engineers will design a system custom for you.  Feel free to explore our laser beam welding capabilities at the pages listed below or contact our Sales Engineers directly by filling out the sidebar contact form.

Laser Welding of Plastic

Laser Welding of Plastic allows for extremely strong seals between two types of plastic with similar thermal properties. Many different types of plastic can be laser welded; even two pieces of transparent plastic can be welded together with no additives and no color change.

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Laser Welding of Metal

CMS Laser has created laser applications for metal welding ranging from low volume, hand-load welding machines to fully automated On-the-Fly laser machines that will integrate with your production line. Laser welding of metal is a non-contact process that can create extremely strong welds (can be hermetic where required) with no filler metals.
Conduction welding, keyhole welding, and spot welding are common methods used in
this process.

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Laser Welding Images

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