Laser Marking Stainless steel

Over the years we have built variety of custom Stainless Steel Marking Machines. Below you will find the videos and description for some of them. These systems were ordered and designed for specific marking application. These videos will give you an idea of our capabilities.  Consequently we can design a system specifically for your application.

Large Scale Stainless Steel Appliance Marking System

X/Y gantry with Z axis bellows base can mark three appliances at one time. Huge capacity combined with the flexibility of marking on XYZ planes means quick process times for your parts.

This is a CDRH Class I, semi-automatic, manual load marking system featuring an adjustable universal fixture plate, programmable XYZ motion of the laser marking head over the work surface and a vision image alignment system. System configured to mark stainless steel panels

The laser marking head will be fixed to a programmable XYZ motion system above the fixture plate. The motion system will position the head anywhere within a 66” wide x 42” deep x 3” high work envelope. When a part to be marked is placed in the part locating fixture and the fixture plate is at the correct height, the target marking surface will be within the motion system work envelope. The XYZ motion system will support both the laser delivery optic head and the vision system camera. When the marking cycle has been initiated, the linear motion system will position the laser/vision camera over two programmed, opposing corners of the panel to locate two identifiable features. Location of the features will provide precise XY and theta position information for the panel.

This marking workstation is manufactured from a welded steel frame for optical stability, rigidity and durability. To mark a panel, the operator will install the appropriate part locating fixture onto the universal fixture plate, and then initiate the marking cycle. The system will raise the fixture plate to the designated height to position the marking surface within the laser marking work envelope


1. 20-Watt, Ytterbium Fiber Laser
2. 6″ x 6″ Marking Field
3. LaserGraf32 w/Windows™ Operating System
4. Flat Screen Monitor w/Ergonomic Arm
5. Manual Load Workstation
6. Programmable Z-Axis Universal Fixture Plate
7. Fixtures for Fourteen (14) Parts
8. Integrated High Resolution Vision System
9. Programmable XYZ-Axis Motion of the of the Laser/Vision Head
10. CDRH Class I Enclosure
11. Vibration Isolation Feet
12. System Run-Off and Training @ Control Micro Systems
13. Documentation and Manuals Package
14. System Preparation, Crating
15. Optional Smoke Evacuation System

Above system is one of the examples of Marking machines that are capable of Laser Marking Stainless steel. Below are some of the other machines that we have built for our customers

High contrast stainless steel appliance part marker

Stainless Steel Beer Kegs Marking System