Laser Foil Cutting


Laser cut foil

This particular system clearly demonstrates our Foil cutting capabilities.  All of our laser systems are custom built. Therefore, this particular example is used for demonstration purposes. We can build similar or completely new system to achieve your specific goal.

Above featured system is a CDRH Class IV, 30-Watt, CO2 Laser Foil Cutting System that can be Integrated into conveyor setting.

The workstation is manufactured in a configuration for integration on-site with manufacturer’s parts handling system.  This system assumes that Manufacturer’s  handling system will singulate the part, individually position a part under the cutting field, and issue a “Start Cut” command to the laser cutting system. On completion of the cutting cycle the system will issue a “Cut Complete” signal to the handling system. The X, Y, Theta position for each part will be presented to the CMS controller for the automation vision system fir precise alignment of the cut path.

The immediate cutting area will be enclosed in a CDRH Class I compliant enclosure with a safety interlocked door for part loading/unloading.

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