Laser technology combined with superior parts handling

Automated systems can help you meet your high-volume manufacturing requirements in today’s fast-paced world. Modern laser technology takes these benefits even further—adding extreme precision and repeatability.

At CMS Laser, we design and build a variety of automated laser processing systems—from simple parts handling robots, to complex tablet drilling machines that process up to 140,000 pharmaceutical tablets every hour.

Our engineers have extensive experience integrating automation into industrial laser machines with the following capabilities:

  • Vision verification
  • Pick-and-place capabilities
  • Custom configurations
  • Custom software integration—and more

We also typically integrate our On-the-Fly (OTF) technology, which processes parts as they pass through the laser field—drastically increasing your throughput on manufacturing and converting lines.


Automated Laser Marking of Automotive Hardened Steel Parts

Golf Club Laser Marking System with Conveyor

Automated Laser Drilling System for Plastic Devices

Automated Laser Marking of Medical

Automated Laser Cutting and Capping of Braided Steel Wire

Automated Laser Marking of Plastic Switches

Get Started

From initial design and development, to installation and validation, we’ll work with you on designing an automated system that meets your needs. Over the years, we’ve helped solve automation challenges for a wide range of clients—from small businesses, to some of the world’s largest corporations.