Process verification can confirm proper operation of the entire laser systems during high speed manufacturing, pre and post cycle. Our vision verification can be implemented as a part of the marking, drilling, cutting, or welding operation to verify the presence of required parts, correct placement and alignment of all parts needed for the cycle, and the quality of the laser’s work. Just how complete are our vision verification systems? The two following examples show how precisely we can validate processes both pre and post cycle.

An example of pre-cycle validation comes from the automotive industry. One of the major manufacturers required a plastic weld to join two parts. A third part was required to be set in place between the two welded parts. Our validation system checked for the proper alignment of part A, part B, and the presence of part C. When properly inserted for welding, part C was not visible to the operator, so our vision verification checked to ensure all parts were present, and disallowed the plastic weld to begin until all parts were present and properly aligned.

An example of post-cycle validation would be our pharmaceutical tablet drilling lasers. Despite speeds of up to 140,000 tablets per hour, vision verification checks each table to ensure the drilled hole meets customer specifications. If not, it is rejected from the line. That’s over 38 tablets per second being validated. Other rules can be added to the validation as well. For example, a customer might ask for the system to stop if five consecutive tablets are rejected. That allows the operator to check that all systems are working as they are intended.

Our Validation systems can be added to any CMS Laser turnkey system, and to any custom system developed for your processes. Vision verification ensures you get the most out of your production lines, checking for necessary parameters before cycle and for proper function after cycle. Validation can also be used many other laser applications, whether welding, drilling, cutting, marking, micro-processing, or surface treatment. Contact our Applications Lab to find out more.

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