Control Micro Systems uses a variety of lasers, wavelengths, and optics to properly meet your material marking, cutting, drilling, etching or welding needs. Each situation has a best solution and we work with all laser types to supply you with that solution. One type of laser might work for several materials, while another is best for your material. Or you may need a laser that can best handle multiple applications and materials. In either case, the material, application (weld/drill/cut/mark), and other factors go into picking the right laser for your needs.

Here at CMS Laser, we believe that by opening up the options to any available laser on the market lets us build you the most complete, best-fit system available anywhere in the world today. We can provide objective, unbiased direction on the best road to take for your business. All lasers are not the same and all laser manufacturers are not the same. We give best possible solutions to you, keeping your business running at optimal speeds with the greatest ROI.

At the most basic level, here are the various lasers currently used in manufacturing production. There may be a need for something not on this list, and we can work with you to accomplish anything, but these are the most commonly used lasers world-wide.
Laser Spectrum - Horizontal

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