In today’s fast paced world, companies in many industries are using automated systems to achieve their high volume requirements. Pairing modern laser technology with an automated process allows for extreme precision and repeatability. Control Micro Systems, Inc. (CMS Laser) can design and build an automated laser processing to meet your specific needs.

Automated systems could be as simple as a conveyor or robot loading and unloading one part at a time all the way up to complex tablet drilling machines that process up to 140,000 tablets per hour using a bowl fed system, on-the-fly drilling technology, and redundant camera Validation.

Our engineers have extensive experience integrating robotics into industrial laser machines. From single axis vacuum pick to SCARA robots to multiple, 6-axis, vision-controlled robots working simultaneously, a custom configuration can be developed to your requirements. Advantages of CMS Laser’s machines include: high speed pick-and-place capabilities, vision verification and handling, and custom software integration of the laser and automation controls, including your PLC network.

With CMS Laser’s On-The-Fly (OTF) technology, parts can be processed as they pass through the laser field without stopping. OTF laser processing can drastically increase throughput on automated manufacturing lines, such as conveyors and extrusions.

Automation is also important in the converting industry where thin continuous sheets of material or webs are processed. Laser systems can be integrated into an existing converting line or a custom machine can be designed for converting a specific web into the final product. OTF laser processing can be used in conjunction with the material transport to process webs without stopping.

CMS Laser will work with you from application development and system design through installation and validation. We have helped solve challenging problems for a vast range of clients from small companies to some of the largest corporations doing business today (see our Client List).

Contact our engineers today by filling out the sidebar contact form to learn how we can work with you to find a solution to your automated processing application. Our Applications Lab will provide Free Sample Processing to show you the high quality we can achieve, different design options will presented and discussed, and then our design engineers will design a fully automated system duplicating the proven process to meet your application requirements in a cost-effective way while taking into account your work environment and safety protocol requirements.

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