CMS Laser’s engineers don’t design machines. They design solutions. For over 30 years our engineers have exceeded our customer’s needs by bringing technical expertise and creative problem-solving to bear on whatever problem they were presented. Our solutions have earned patents, awards and, most importantly, our client’s trust and return business.

We don’t just solve a client’s manufacturing challenges. We solve ROI. We solve operator safety. We solve speed. We solve faster, stronger, lighter. Our customers return to add more systems because they’re producing in ways, at speeds, and at costs they never thought possible.

You can find our systems in thousands of industrial applications around the world. It’s not uncommon for our clients to have a custom laser system built, and then double that order in six months. And then double it again in a year. They come back because our team solves their challenges. From aerospace clients like Boeing, General Electric, and Lockheed Martin, to consumer product manufacturers like Bose, Rawlings, and Roller Blade, CMS Laser is the world leader in discovering and delivering industrial applications powered by lasers.

The key to our application development is our Application Lab. When you have a question about what and how and if a laser system will work for your needs, our Apps Lab engineers go to work. We test different lasers, different powers, different speeds. We don’t look for a solution. We look for THE solution. We have no vested interest in a particular brand or manufacturer. We’re free to be objective and that results in results.

After we find the proper combination to work with your product, we look at how to best integrate with your current production. From standalone machines to fully automated in-line systems, we will offer you the best options, depending on your need. Each solution is built to exacting specifications from the best materials. CMS Laser takes pride in the design and durability of our laser systems.

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