It might seem simple to say we offer lasers, applications, validation, and automation, but CMS Laser is the only company to objectively offer all these to our customers. We are free to choose from the best available products from our vendors and combine them with our 40+ years of expertise to provide you with a system built to your needs, not converted to your needs.


The range of lasers is increasing at an amazing rate. More acceptance in manufacturing leads to more innovation in developing lasers that expand the overall capability of laser beam technology. Because we know them so well, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the type, range, and power laser that best fits your specific situation. We use the best so you get the best results.


We already build laser systems for virtually every major industry application in the world today. If you’ve been told elsewhere that there’s no way to integrate lasers into your production, talk to one of our engineers. We have solved those challenges before.


Our vision verification systems enhance the productivity of your laser system exponentially. It can do checks pre-cycle that ensure proper part placement/alignment or keep processes from running while the door is open or an operator is in the process area. It checks post-cycle to verify that all processes functioned as designed. It can kick bad parts out of the system, and even shut the system down if a small number of parts in a row are rejected by the validation process.


CMS Laser systems are automated in their own right, but to really see your ROI skyrocket and your cost per part drop by as much as 90%, we can integrate the system into your manufacturing process. The automation of part loading and unloading can turn your production line into a blur. For instance, our tablet drillers can produce 150,000 drilled tablets per hour. Our wire marking machines can mark with virtually any font or image at speeds in excess of 400 feet per minute. When manual part loading and unloading is removed from the equation, the process is exponentially faster.