PCB Depaneling

PCB Depaneling

Laser depaneling and singulation for complex circuit boards

PCB depaneling and singulation laser systems are gaining popularity—especially as circuit board complexity and component ratios continue to rise. Microelectronics and medical device manufacturers require close tolerances and minimal debris—this is where laser technology shines

Traditional Versus Laser Depaneling

Mainstream depaneling methods utilize routers, die cutters and dicing saws. But as boards become thinner, smaller and more sophisticated, these methods expose PCB parts to mechanical stress—resulting in board breakage and lowering throughput.

Other challenges include:

  • Lower quality of cuts
  • PCB damage due to accumulated debris
  • Constant need for new bits, dies and blades
  • Not useful for boards < 500 µ
  • Design limitation—inability to cut complex, multidimensional PCBs

Laser Cutting of PCBs

  • No mechanical stress
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Higher quality of cuts
  • No consumables
  • Design versatility—simple software changes enable application changes
  • Works with any surface—Teflon, ceramic, aluminum, brass and copper
  • Fiducial recognition achieves precise, clean cuts
  • Optical recognition improves product quality

Laser depaneling systems overcome these challenges while offering greater precision, speed and accuracy. Unlike traditional depaneling techniques, they eliminate mechanical stress to the PCB—resulting in higher throughput.

Lasers make clean, burr-free and precise cuts against the edge of circuits and other important components—improving overall design flexibility without damaging the substrate. Because you don’t have to reorder parts or sharpen bits and blade, laser systems are also more cost effective.

Optical Recognition

CMS Laser is one of the few companies to provide laser depaneling systems with optical recognition. If your panel isn’t set correctly, this feature will stop the program from starting until the correction is made—reducing downtime, improving product quality and lowering your overall costs. Check out our VISION LAB for more information on our vision capabilities.


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