Laser marking and vision verification for fast-paced packaging applications

Laser Marking and Etching

From paper and plastic, to organics and textiles, our laser marking and etching systems enable fast, repeatable and precise printing on a variety of packaging materials.

Whatever you need written, we can write—whether text, logos or images, as well as 2D, QR, bar and UPC codes. Our laser marking systems process hundreds of parts per minute and involve no inks, dyes, rollers or stamps that make contact with your goods. Best of all, you can make changes in seconds—improving your production flexibility.

Our lasers even safely mark information onto the surfaces of eggs, fruits, vegetables and other organics. Instead of applying labels, our systems etch information directly into the shell, skin or peel. The marking is only a few cell layers deep—leaving the item intact and improving its traceability from grower to consumer.

Pairing Laser Marking With Vision Verification

We also routinely design our packaging laser systems with Vision Part Alignment—a feature that lets you load your parts into the marking system in any orientation. The system’s optics reads each item’s alignment and adjusts the galvanometers accordingly. The process is seamless and keeps production moving.


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