Laser Marking in the Packaging Industry

Manufacturers require the ability to place a large amount of information in ever-shrinking packaging. Whether paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, textiles and organics, from eggs to kegs, CMS Laser’s On the Fly marking systems provide high speed, repeatable, and precise printing and marking on a variety of packaging materials.

We can, quite literally, write almost anything on almost anything. Text, logos, codes (2D/QR/Bar/UPC), images, and more. Into the hundreds per minute and all while consuming no other materials. No inks, dyes, rollers, or stamps that contact the part. Simply indelible marking on virtually any packaging out there.

Laser Etching for Industrial Packaging Needs

CMS Laser can also etch or engrave your packaging. Aluminum cans are given a surface mark that’s not printed, but etched. Plastics like PET can be etched as well. Eggs, fruits and vegetables are all able to be marked using lasers. Information usually placed on a small labels is lased directly onto the shell, skin, or peel. It penetrates only a few cell layers deep, leaving the food intact. There is no damage to the viability of the item, and allows better traceability from grower to consumer.

Using Vision Verification in Packaging Laser Systems

Our laser marking and etching systems offer greater flexibility in your production systems than other marking methods. Changes can be made for in seconds. Our packaging laser systems can also be equipped with “Vision Part Alignment” which lets your parts go into our marking system facing any direction. The optics read the alignment and adjust the galvanometers accordingly. It’s seamless to the process, without slowing production in any way.

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