Marking, welding, cutting, or etching of metal parts can be done on the industrial laser machines designed and custom built at Control Micro Systems, Inc. Our Applications Lab engineers provide Free Sample Processing to show how we can meet your metal processing requirements. We invite you to browse the metal capabilities pages listed below to see how we can meet your needs and contact our Sales Engineers directly by filling out the sidebar contact form.

Laser Marking of Metal

Laser Marking of Metal is versatile solution to making permanent marks on metal parts for traceability, identification, or personalization. This no contact, precise marking method has many advantages over traditional techniques.

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Laser Welding of Metal

Using lasers to weld metal parts gives higher precision and better heat control than other methods due to the focused and high energy nature of the beam. Accompanied by assist gases, laser welds can be have limited discoloration and require little to no post processing. High power fiber lasers are typically used for laser welding of metal. Having the flexible fiber delivering the beam to the small laser output head (as opposed to having crystals or gases as the excitation medium in a large package in different types of lasers) allows for systems to be designed in a flexible way so many different parts can be welded using the same system.

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Laser Cutting of Thin Metal

Laser Cutting of Thin Metal allows for high precision cutting with no contact to the part. The localized laser energy with on-axis air-assist can achieve cuts with minimal kerf widths and heat affected zone. Depending on the application requirements, either gas assisted cutting or galvanometer steered cutting can be used to cut thin metal parts with a laser. Both of these methods are discussed in further detail on the page at the link below.

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