Clean, precise laser welding, marking, drilling and cutting for MDM applications

Laser processing is accurate, flexible, fast and clean—making it an ideal process for the medical industry. At CMS Laser, we’ll design and manufacture a custom laser system that meets your stringent medical device manufacturing (MDM) requirements.

Our engineers have extensive experience designing medical processing systems. Whether you’re looking for laser welding, marking, drilling or cutting, we’ll find a solution for your most challenging problems.


Our Application Lab has a full suite of lasers and optics to provide you with the mark quality and accuracy demanded in the Medical Industry. The use of the ultrafast picosecond lasers provides a dark durable mark that will stand up to the environmental testing required for medical instruments.

Since there are so many devices used in the Medical industry, catheters, pc board based electronics, small wire, stents, plastics, medical devices, etc. the demands for laser marking or processing are great. CMS has developed many systems for the Medical Industry over our 37 years of doing business that we are confident that we can provide a system for you to match your needs. CMS is also well versed in Medical Compliance and CFR regulations regarding the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We can provide documentation for IQ/OQ/PQ validation runs and our software provides the CFR compliance for digital operations (record keeping and logs).

Laser Welding

Medical device welding requires extreme precision to create clean, durable hermetically sealed welds. Laser welding meets these needs.

Beams focus onto small spot sizes—achieving thin weld line widths. Depending on your application, you can also use gantry motion or galvanometer steering to precisely direct the beam’s placement. The resulting welds are strong, durable and impervious—especially when paired with specially designed fixtures. In addition, this process welds transparent plastic parts together with no additives or color changes. And unlike ultrasonic welding, laser welding plastic produces no debris.

Applications include:

Laser Marking

Using lasers to mark medical components creates clean, permanent marks without making contact with parts. You can even use our proprietary software to mark parts while they’re in motion—significantly increasing production speeds and ease of integration. Whether you’re marking medical-grade plastics, metals, glass or pharmaceutical tablets, our custom laser systems will meet your application needs.

Applications include:

Laser Drilling

Lasers can drill extremely precise apertures in medical devices and products. One common application is drilling pharmaceutical tablets for osmotic release. CMS Laser is a global leader in this technology. Our TD-140 Tablet Driller processes up to 140,000 tablets per hour with double vision verification and dual-layer tablet color detection capabilities.

Another laser drilling application utilizes a femtosecond laser to drill micron-scale internal holes and channels on lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices. Others include:

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers many advantages compared to other MDM cutting methods. A non-contact process, laser cutting doesn’t require blades or tools, which need to be sharpened and replaced, and doesn’t impart unnecessary force on the product. It also enables quick changeovers between cutting paths; simply select a new software file.

Application examples include cutting eyes into catheters, as well as modifying needles and cannulas. Others include:


Laser Welding Catheters with Vision System

Laser Cutting and Capping of Endoscopic Guide Wires

Laser Marking Medical Cables

Clear on Clear Plastic Welding

Laser Drilling Automation with Robotics and Vision

Wire Mark, Strip, and Cut to Length Laser System

Medical UDI Marking with Picosecond Laser System

Laser Marking System for Medical Catheters

Laser Marking System for ITE Hearing Aids

Laser Stripping Formvar Coated Copper Medical Wires

Cold Marking with UV Lasers for Medical Device Plastics


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