Extrusion Processing

Extrusion Processing

On-the-fly laser processing for extruded parts

Extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process, during which raw materials are melted and formed into continuous profiles. It produces items like PVC pipe and other tubing, window frames, thermoplastic coatings, wire insulation and more.

Many of these products require high-speed, accurate part marking, cutting and drilling—making laser technology a perfect fit.

Laser Processing for Extrusion Lines

Our laser systems overcome the following challenges to meet the specific needs of your extrusion application:

  • High-speed, constant movement. When it comes to extrusion lines, laser machines must mark, cut or drill parts that are constantly moving. That’s why we developed On-the-Fly technology with closed loop feedback to process parts as they travel past the laser field. These systems account for variations in line speed and can incorporate vision systems to validate part placement and process quality.
  • Reliability. Extrusion lines are part of high-volume manufacturing processes and often run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can’t afford to have a laser system that stops unexpectedly. We design and develop robust laser machines that can handle continuous operation—keeping your downtime and costs to a minimum.

Our Experience

At CMS Laser, we have many years of experience integrating laser processing machines onto existing extrusion lines to handle various applications, including:

  • Gas line pipe laser marking—lasers permanently mark serial numbers, date codes, 2D matrices and other part identifiers on standard yellow and black gas line pipes.
  • Low-density irrigation drip tape laser slitting and drilling—lasers drill holes with specific dimensions and at specific distances down tape without damaging the underlying emitter.


Extrusion Line Laser Marking System

Laser Processing on High Speed Extrusion Lines

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