Electronics Industrial uses for Laser Marking

As parts become smaller, the need for part numbers, serial numbers, lot numbers and many others has not diminished. Part names, batches, and manufacturing identifiers require a substantial amount of information with increasingly less space to provide it.

CMS Laser systems outperform all other methods of marking, including ink, decal, and molding, which lack the clarity and small size required. Parts can be marked “on-the-fly” in many applications and vision verified, allowing you to far surpass the speeds traditional methods offer.


Laser Cutting for Electronics Industrial Needs

With increased component density, cutting PCB boards has become a major challenge. CMS Laser PCB depaneling systems have demonstrated the ability to meet extremely close tolerances in full scale manufacturing. Lasers, unlike mechanical methods, do not cause stress on the fragile circuits and components on your product.

Control Micro Systems laser PCB depaneling systems have been supplied in manufacturing facilities around the globe. This proven solution has provided manufacturers significant improvements in their ability to meet their market requirements (see our Client List).


Laser Welding and Soldering Electronics

The expanding use of electronics and the required minimization of components, power requirements, portability, and capacity create challenges for manufacturers. Tolerances and space allowed for components continue to shrink.

Inside these electronics devices are millions of tiny circuits, all connected outside of their packaging with small difficult welds. With requirements that need a 1 micron beam to weld or solder a connection, former techniques are no longer viable.

Control Micro Systems lasers can achieve extraordinary results in welding and soldering electronics. This allows for components to be very tightly arranged without damage during the process. Our capabilities allows for more pieces per board, less bad parts, higher throughput rates and an impressive ROI.

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