Whether you are looking to mark, cut, or etch your ceramic parts, laser technology is an excellent choice due to its ability to focus energy into small areas, reducing extra strain within the parts and creating a small heat affected zone. Ceramic processing with lasers has many advantages over traditional methods. Feel free to browse Control Micro Systems, Inc. ceramic capabilities below and contact our Sales Engineers directly by filling out the sidebar form to get started with your Free Sample Processing. Let us design and build your custom, industrial quality, ceramic marking, cutting, or etching machine.

Laser Marking of Ceramic

Laser Marking of Ceramic can be used to add traceability codes, identification data, or other designs to ceramic materials. Permanent marks can be achieved with no coatings or additives.

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Laser Cutting of Ceramic

Laser Cutting of Ceramic has two main techniques: full ablation and scribe-and-break. The precise focusing of laser energy can cut ceramic parts with minimal kerf widths.

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