Laser Processing for the Appliance Industry

Laser processing has become increasingly popular in the appliance industry because of its flexibility, precision, cleanliness, and ability to be automated easily into a production line. Control Micro Systems, Inc. (CMS Laser) has designed and manufactured industrial laser machines for many of the top companies in the appliance industry (see our Client List). We design machines based on each customer’s application and choose the correct laser and optic setup to meet your needs. Send in your samples for a free review in our Applications Lab! Get started on your appliance industry laser processing solution by filling out our sidebar contact form.

Laser Marking for the Appliance Industry

“Direct part marking” with a laser can be used to create permanent marks on appliance industry parts made of metal, glass, plastic, or other materials. Graphics, logos, text, barcodes, and data matrices can be laser marked. Information such as user controls, manufacturer identification, safety warnings, quality control, product tracking, serialization, and dates are common.

Oxidized laser marking of stainless steel (and other metals) is popular in the appliance industry due to its smooth and clean finish. High contrast marks (in a variety of colors) can be made using this technique without etching into the appliance surface or creating a raised mark. A dark brown or black mark is most commonly used.

Lasers can also be used to remove a coating or layer from a substrate to create a mark. This is commonly used in the appliance industry for creating backlit buttons or panels. Whether the substrate is plastic, glass, or metal CMS Laser has experience designing laser machines for this process.

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Laser Welding for the Appliance Industry

Appliance manufacturing often requires welding metal parts together in unique and challenging configurations. Laser welding offers precise weld paths, simple integration with robotics or production lines for complex handling applications, and strong and durable welds. An integrator experienced with complex fixturing is essential for a robust process and high productivity. Further details of laser welding can be found at the following link.

Laser Welding of Metal

Laser Cutting for the Appliance Industry

Cutting thin metals using a laser has many advantages over other cutting methods. Laser cutting has no mechanical contact and therefore creates no deformation in the product and eliminates the need to replace cutting dies, stamps, or blades. Laser cutting is extremely flexible and changing to another cut pattern is as simple as selecting a new software program or uploading a new file to the system. Often laser cutting does not require post processing and can be used to cut appliance parts that would be ready for assembly. For further information see:

Laser Cutting of Thin Metals

Laser Drilling for the Appliance Industry

Lasers can be used to drill precise holes in many different types of material that are used in the appliance industry. Metal, plastic, ceramic, and glass can all be effectively drilled with the appropriate laser choice. By tuning laser settings, choosing an appropriate optical setup, integrating assist gasses, and fixturing parts in optimized configurations, the engineers at CMS Laser can design a laser drilling system to meet your appliance industry drilling needs.

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