Lasers in Industry

The industrial laser revolution that began in the 1960’s is now a standard method of production. There isn’t a major manufacturing category that hasn’t seen significant growth in capability due to implementation of a wide range of laser technologies. The laser’s flexibility, reliability, speed, and precision provides an easily adaptable solution to production processes from clothing to pharmaceuticals to space exploration.

Innovations that are aiding manufacturing processes around the globe prove the creed, “If at first you don’t succeed, try2 again.” Each year brings new laser applications for material processing and, as each leap forward in laser technology is made, CMS Laser finds ways to implement the best available lasers and components for use in the design and building of our systems. Today, our reputation is well-established in over 30 countries around the globe, and in some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Industrial Laser Systems from CMS

CMS Laser continues to design and build world-class laser systems for all applications. Whatever your manufacturing needs might be, our engineers bring over 250 years of combined industrial laser experience and put it to use developing solutions that accomplish your production goals. Our Apps Lab contains more than 15 lasers from a wide range of providers, allowing them objectivity in designing your application. It’s why our industrial laser systems are found throughout the Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, PCB, Electronics and Aerospace industries, just to name a few.

Talk to our engineers about your industrial application, even if it’s not currently being done anywhere else. Especially if it’s not being done anywhere else. Our team loves a challenge.

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Industrial Laser Systems