Industrial laser systems that cut and etch glass

We design and build industrial turnkey laser systems that process glass in a variety of industries—from consumer products to automotive manufacturing.

We integrate our own optics, hardware, control circuits and software to permanently mark logos, trademarks, date codes and 2D matrices on or inside glass—all without weakening the strength of the part. We also provide laser systems that cut glass quickly while avoiding the messy challenges associated with mechanical cutting techniques.

Glass Marking—On and Inside Glass

Laser etching has many benefits compared to conventional glass marking methods. First and foremost is speed. Our laser systems etch logos, artwork, intricate lettering and more on glass and crystal materials—all without using masks or stencils. In fact, by the time you create a stencil, align it on the part, blast the part and remove the stencil, our laser system has already processed an entire batch.

In addition, changes to trademarks and images are just a few keystrokes away. You can import DXF or PCX formatted graphics directly into your system, or switch between standard or reverse image etching within seconds using our LaserGraf software.

Thanks to our glass marking laser systems, you can also:

Eliminate moving parts. Instead of moving the entire marking head like first-generation laser systems do, our machines move the laser beam like a pencil on paper. By integrating the laser’s pulsing capability with ultra-fast, high-resolution galvanometers, we achieve speeds and marking quality that far surpass dot matrix laser markers.

Etch parts on the fly with vision capabilities. Whether etching the same logo on the same part, or marking unique content on consecutive parts, our machines successfully eliminate mark misalignment. Our Vision Part Alignment systems read each part’s orientation on the production line and adjust the etching beam accordingly—significantly increasing your processing speeds.

Process round parts. Our laser systems can even etch round parts like wine bottles, stemware and spheres. The optics’ depth of field accounts for small variations in shape—even during full, 360-degree etching.

Create permanent subsurface marks. By adjusting the laser beam’s focal point, our systems can mark glass below the surface—a capability that has inspired many manufacturers to design and build entirely new product lines. Whether marking the controls on appliances or the symbols on dominoes, these subsurface marks keep part surfaces smooth and free of indentations. You can’t remove these marks—even with acids or grinders.

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Glass Cutting

Our laser glass cutting systems utilize a melting method that leaves behind no microcracks—eliminating post-cut processing, microcrack removal and microshard cleanup.

Typical lasers can make cuts as small as 1 millimeter, while specialized lasers achieve even smaller. The cutting process usually involves a pulsed laser beam. The short, high-powered burst of energy is useful for many scenarios, including:

  • Cutting small holes
  • Piercing a material to cut the interior
  • Cutting materials that may melt under continuous wave (CW) laser beams

System Examples

CO2 Laser Glass Marking System

  • CO2 laser
  • Etches trademarks, logos, automatic date codes and 2D matrices
  • Output power—30 to 250 W
  • No masks or messes
  • Standard and reverse images
  • Low stress on glass
  • Exceptional control and flexibility
  • Power—110 or 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Sealed-tube, RF-excited
  • Focusing assembly—2 x 7-inch square marking field
  • Drop-in-line systems or full turnkey automation
  • Database tie-ins
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
  • Climate-controlled enclosure

CO2 Glass Marking Laser System

  • CO2 laser—100 W and air-cooled
  • Galvanometer system—16-bit resolution
  • Marking field—76.2 x 76.2 millimeters
  • LaserGraf32 with Windows operating system
  • 43.2-cm flat screen monitor
  • Air-conditioned electronics cabinets
  • CDRH Class IV component configuration
  • System run-off and training at CMS Laser
  • Documentation and manuals


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When it comes to glass etching and cutting, our laser systems can decrease your development and production time, increase throughput and improve your ROI. To reap these benefits—and for free sample analysis—contact our Applications Lab today.

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