Custom Laser Automation

Custom Laser Automation

built to solve high-tech manufacturing challenges


Custom Engineering Solutions

Our custom laser automated systems are designed for maximum ROI and production efficiency. Using state-of-the-art automation techniques, our engineers will design a turnkey solution for your specific manufacturing requirements. Our engineers create custom parts in our machine room and choose from the best automation components, such as six axis robots, pick-n-place units, conveyors, and bowl feeders. We are laser-focused on designing a solution that meets or exceeds all your needs.

When one of our standard solutions cannot be used for your specific industrial application, our engineering department will develop a custom solution to your requirements. A vast majority of our system purchases start in our laser applications lab. From there, our lab will process your material to determine the most optimal laser source, optics configuration, fixturing requirements, and any necessary motion control to achieve your desired goals.

Depending on the situation, CMS Laser engineers may visit your facility in order to develop a solution that meets your manufacturing needs. We have decades of experience working with manufacturers around the world to develop high-tech solutions to enhance their production capabilities. From multi-position rotary tables loaded by six axis robots to laser welding sources attached to robot heads, our engineers have the experience to tackle any engineering project.

Custom Laser Solutions:

  • Automated Laser Drilling System for Plastic Parts
  • Automated Laser Marking System for Automotive Steel Components
  • 3-Lane, 6-Laser Marking System for Medical Cables
  • Laser Marking System for Golf Clubs using a Conveyor
  • Automated Laser Cutting and Capping of Braided Stainless Steel Wires
  • Automated Laser Marking of Plastic Switches using a Bowl Feeder

CMS Laser designs and builds a variety of automated laser processing systems. We choose from the best components available on the market to create turnkey solutions for specific manufacturing processes. Our systems are assisting many Fortune 100 and 500 companies around world that create the products you may use on a daily basis. From laser systems for research and development, to marking LED light fixtures and automotive components using a robot, we are engineers solving challenges.

Automation Components:

  • 6-Axis and 4-Axis SCARA Robots
  • Pick-and-Place Units
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Part Sensors and Color Detectors
  • Machine Vision for OCR/OCV Process
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Multi-Position Rotary Tables

CMS Laser are experts in implementing machine vision for laser marking, cutting, drilling, and welding applications. We use vision for optical character recognition and verification (OCR/OCV) during pre and post-processes, reading barcodes, and determining process positioning. CMS Laser offers three
standard vision setups—off-axis vision, off-axis angled, and through-the-optics vision (TTOV).

Machine Vision Configurations:

  • Off-Axis Vision. Direct vision or at an angle, the camera is separate from the scan head
  • Through-the-Optics Vision (TTOV). Camera system shares the same lens as the laser while inheriting the movement speeds of the galvanometer mirrors in the laser scan head
  • 2-D and 3-D Vision. Determining part orientation using surface features for aligning laser processes

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A majority of CMS Laser’s systems are operated in a CDRH Class 1 configuration. Interlocks and object detectors ensure safe operation when the laser and motion control devices are on.

Laser Safety Measures:

  • Laser Shutter – A device that blocks the laser path from reaching the scan head
  • Safety Interlocks – The laser will cease operation if a panel or door is opened
  • Safety Light Curtains – An invisible light wall that detects if an object passes through it
  • Touch Activation Sensors – Operator’s finger must be placed on the sensor to activate the process, such as indexing a rotary table after loading a part
  • System Status Lighting – LED stack lights for displaying system status, such as off, on and laser fault errors
  • Fume Extraction – Filter away harmful particulates and fumes created during the laser process

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Automated Laser Drilling of Plastic

Automated Laser Cutting and Capping of Braided Steel Wire

Automated Laser Marking of Automotive Steel Parts

Three-Lane Medical Cable Laser Marking System

Golf Club Laser Marking System with Conveyor

Automated Laser Marking of Plastic Switches

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