R&D and Applications Development

R&D and Applications Development Space Expands to Accommodate Growing Collaborative Opportunities

In response to growing joint-venture opportunities with existing and prospective customers, CMS has expanded its applications R&D facilities and capabilities. CMS facilities now include CO2 (10,640nm), 2 micron Thulium fiber (2,000nm), Ytterbium fiber (1,064nm), frequency-doubled Nd:YVO4 (532nm), frequency-tripled NdYVO4 (355nm UV) and a new multi-wavelength femtosecond laser.  Support resources include beam-shaping and focusing optics, robots and programmable stages, vision systems, and test equipment.
CMS provides long term dedicated R&D facilities including client dedicated R&D laboratories, assigned full time CMS employees, full time on-site client employees and unfettered access to CMS electrical, mechanical and software engineering support and complete machining center and fabrication capabilities.