Applications Development Lab

Applications Lab

Our Applications Lab is the initial step in providing you with a solution to your manufacturing or research challenges. Most solutions can be determined with a standard, no cost, sample evaluation. If your requirement is very complex and requires long term research, we can offer you a contract to meet your requirement. We can also provide a complete research area within our facility for clients requiring the use of our vast in-house resources. We invite you to visit our Applications Lab, meet our engineering staff, and see the most complete laser lab in the industry.

We can drill, cut, weld, mark, etch, engrave, ablate, and anneal on a wide range of materials to determine your unique process requirements.

Our labs contain over 15 unique lasers, ranging from UV to Mid IR, all permanently installed, including:

CMS Laser co2 applications lab

“Standard” Lasers

  • Vanadate Lasers, 355nm and 532nm, up to 20W
  • Low Power Fiber Lasers, 1064nm, up to 50W, variable pulse widths (4ns-200ns) and beam modes
  • High Power Fiber Laser, 1070nm, 3kW peak pulse power, 0.1ms – 10ms pulse widths,  programmable pulse energy curve
  • CO2 lasers, 10.6um, 5W-250W, RF excited and slab varieties
CMS femtosecond laser applications lab

“Unique” Lasers

  • Femtosecond Laser, 515nm and 1030nm, 400fs pulse width
  • Thulium Fiber Laser, 1940nm, 120W
  • CO2 Laser, 9.4um, 400W

Lasers available with advanced notice

  • Solid State Lasers
    • Alternate Wavelengths: 213, 266nm, 375n, 405nm, 1064nm
    • Alternate Powers: milliwatts to tens of watts
    • Alternate Lasing Medium: Nd:YAG
  • Fiber Lasers: Higher power MOPA and CW
  • CO Lasers: 5.5um

CMS Laser maintains long term excellent relationships with the top laser manufacturers. This provides us access to new technologies, often before they are publicly available. This allows us quick accessibility to other lasers not in our standard laboratory inventory.

For each wavelength, we maintain an extensive collection of optics and accessories (scan heads, fixed heads, telecentric lenses, F-Theta lenses, simple lenses, beam expanders, collimators, beam splitters, mirrors, and more) that give us flexibility in solving your production or research challenges. The Lab also contains several high power microscopes and imaging systems for process inspection and feature location.

CMS Laser Applications Lab Gantry Laser Station
The Applications Lab is equipped to handle motion, On-The-Fly (OTF), and large format applications with work stations that can incorporate rotaries, actuators, gantries, robots, and motion tables. A variety of gasses are also available. Typically that includes commonly used argon, nitrogen, and oxygen, but other more exotic gasses are easily attainable.

CMS Mechanical Software and CNC Machine Room
Along with our in-house mechanical engineering department, software department, and machine shop, we create custom computer controls, unique fixtures, and prototype builds, resulting in complete solution options for your production.

With these extensive resources, our engineers develop laser systems providing optimal performance and productivity consistent with your process requirements and manufacturing environment. Selection of a CMS Laser system assures you of a solution that meets your specific production goals, incorporating the most current innovations in industrial laser manufacturing technologies.

Typical Applications include:

  • Plastics: Marking (color change, engraving, embossing), Drilling (percussion, trepanning), Cutting, Welding (transmission, butt, lap, clear on clear), Converting (annealing, softening, curing, polishing).
  • Metals: Marking (engraving, etching, polishing, oxidizing, coating removal), Drilling (percussion, trepanning, blind hole), Cutting, Welding (butt, lap, spot).
  • Glass: Marking (internal, surface), Drilling, Cutting (scribe-break, perforating, ablation, zero kerf, ClearShape ™, Tip-Off and Tube Closing.
  • Ceramics/Composites: Marking, Drilling, Cutting
  • PCBs: Marking (solder mask, devices), Cutting (depaneling, resistor trimming), Circuit Etching.
  • Pharmaceutical Tablets: Marking (color change, engraving), Drilling (tops and sides).

Not every solution is obvious. We will work to provide you with a solution, regardless of your material, process, or production requirements. A discussion with our engineering group will give you a better understanding of our depth and breadth of knowledge in all aspects of laser and system technology.

Laser Engineering Leadership

New applications for industrial lasers are developed regularly and our staff is committed to using the best of them to provide solutions for any manufacturing challenges you face. If you desire to improve your speed, reduce costs, and build better through laser technology, contact CMS Laser today at 1.407.679.9716.

Vision Lab

CMS Laser Vision Lab Station
CMS Laser is a Cognex Certified Vision Integrator. Our vision lab includes many models of Dataman and Insight cameras, as well as a full range of lenses and diode lights (in a wide range of waveslengths).

We combine this hardware with our extensive knowledge of Cognex software and vision algorithms. We develop off-axis vision systems, robot vision, and coaxial vision systems, (Through the Optics) where the vision system is coaxial with laser and uses some of the same optics.

FREE Sample Processing

CMS Laser provides businesses with a No-Cost, Risk-Free processing of your samples. Our lab engineers create applications that consistently exceed current manufacturing methods, and we believe our technology can truly benefit your business.

If you would like to discuss your laser options directly with our experienced engineers, contact us or call 407.679.9716.

Samples: In order to complete a full evaluation of your requirements, we will require an adequate number of samples to complete the process. This can vary based on size and applications. Consultation with our Sales Engineering staff will provide you with what will be needed to meet these requirements.