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Control Micro Systems, 4420 Metric Drive, Winter Park, Florida 32792, Phone 407-679-9716
Control Micro Systems builds customized laser marking systems designed and configured specifically for your distinctive marking application. Give us an opportunity to bid on fulfilling your laser marking requirement. Contact us today for a free sample processing on laser marking your parts!

Established in 1983, Control Micro Systems is an industry leading provider of turnkey industrial laser marking systems (including part handling and vision) for solving unique manufacturing material processing challenges. Our engineers are among the brightest in the laser industry and keep Control Micro Systems on the leading edge of turnkey solutions designed to meet specific production demands. Whether you require a manual desktop laser marking system or a fully integrated and automated laser system with vision verification, CMS is your best choice. Learn more about our state-of-the-art applications lab where we can determine the most cost-effective method to mark, engrave, etch, cut, weld or drill your products!

Home of the Industrial Laser Marking System

Our laser marking system technology can be applied to just about any material. Laser marking is the only non-contact marking solution for etching and engraving metal, ceramics, printed circuit boards and more! It's clean, repeatable, readable (even machine readable), fast and low maintenance. Plus, any graphic, text, barcode, matrix or other marking can easily be made. Best of all, making these changes does not require retooling, just a software change. Learn more about our laser marking, etching and engraving systems.

Control Micro Systems' customers range from small specialty shops to multinational manufacturers with large production lines. Our laser marking systems can be built to mark one part at a time or to integrate into an assembly line. Parts handling is no problem! Our laser systems can mark, etch, engrave, cut, drill and weld a variety of materials. See our samples library for parts we have processed. I your company already a customer? View our complete customer list here.

Call 407.679.9716 or email us to discuss your laser marking application; or for immediate interest, please complete our free sample processing request form on laser marking your parts. Contact CMS Laser to determine if laser marking, cutting, drilling or welding will work for your product. We will also give you an estimated part cycle time and try to meet or beat any existing cycle time!
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Aerospace Ablation Automated Systems PCB depaneling
Appliance Annealing Conveyer Systems Medical Device Marking Systems
Automotive Laserceramic Marking Custom Systems Medical Device Cutting Systems
Electronics Laser Cutting Desktop Systems Medical Device Texturing
Extrusion Laser Drilling

Metal Marking Systems

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Glass Heat Treatment Metal Cutting Systems Packaging Marking Systems
Industrial Laser Marking Metal Drilling Systems Barcode Marking Systems
Medical Devices Laser Welding Metal Welding Systems Wire Marking Systems
Name Plate On-the-fly

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Packaging   Plastic Cutting SystemsWire Stripping Systems
Pharmaceutical   Plastic Welding SystemsSteel Kegs Marking Systems
Plastics   Glass Marking SystemsTablet Drilling Systems
PCB Glass Etching SystemsTablet Marking Systems
Semiconductor wafers Glass Engraving SystemsOn-the-fly Systems
Sporting Goods Electronics Marking SystemsWafer Marking Systems
Wire & Cable PCB Marking SystemsWafer Scribing Systems

Laser Wire Mark | Strip | Cut Systems

Beyond typical laser marking, we can now mark, strip and cut multiple gauge wire and cable in a one step, fully automatic, high speed, computer controlled operation. From our laser wire marking system, you will get a permanent, high contrast surface mark without any damage on all insulation types as specified in the SAE Aerospace Standards. Learn more about our wire marking, stripping and cutting laser system.

Laser Welding Thermoplastics

In addition to marking, welding of thermoplastic materials and welding of low-melting-point plastics is easily achieved with our laser systems. Control Micro Systems' plastic welding systems bring together modern laser technology with engineered parts handling to provide you with a reliable and economical means of joining your thermoplastics. Learn more about plastic laser welding using beam steered laser technology.

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