Semiconductor Wafer Serialization Marking | Jedec tray ic chip laser marking systems

Semiconductor Wafer Serialization Marking & Scribing Laser Systems

Control Micro Systems we combine our years of experience with a variety of disciplines to provide a turn-key solution: integrating state of the art laser applications with process automation and system validation. By utilizing the wide range of lasers and imaging optics developed by Control Micro Systems we frequently provide our customers with exceptional processing performance and we never lose sight of the ultimate goal of your interest in laser technology… improved productivity and lower costs. As such with wafer processing; serialization for traceability, scribing and lapping wafers we offer a range of solutions tailored for your specific requirements. When determining the system offerings we take into account that it must meet many processing requirements such as geometries, dimensions, line width, slag tolerances, and clean room protocol. In addition substrates:  silicon, sapphire, compounds (GaAS, InP, SiCO2, SiGe etc.), crystal wafers (LiTaO3 and LiNbO3) or photo resist exposing; of course, handling needs and throughput must be considered when offering the best solution for your needs.

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Some examples of the systems offered and their benefits include:

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Semiconductor Wafer Serialization Marking | Jedec tray ic chip laser marking systems
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