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Laser Marking Plastic and Plastic Welding

Description Snapshot Size Audio
#1 Laser marking a plastic face plate. Plastic engraving 1.2 MB Yes
#2 Laser engraving plastic switches. Engraving plastic switches 1.2 MB No
#3 Laser etching plastic PVC pipe. Laser Marking PVC pipe 756KB No
#4 Laser marking a plastic housing enclosure. Laser marking plastic enclosure 1.6 MB Yes
#5 Laser Welding small Teflon connectors. Laser welding plastic Teflon pieces 2 MB No
#6 Laser Welding of two different color plastic toner housings Laser welding two plastic toner halves together 2 MB No
#7 Plastic Welding of multiple spots with robotics turning the part to the different sides. Laser welding plastic using robotics 2 MB No
#8 Laser marking of cases for contact lenses. Laser engraving contact lens case 1.5 MB Yes
#9 Plastic part marking accepts multiple trays to be manually or auto loaded. laser marking plastic parts 2.7 MB No


Laser Glass Marking

Description Snapshot Size Audio
Laser Marking Company logos on Beer Glasses to improve C02 release Laser Marking on Glass 2.8 MB


Laser Marking Electronics

Description Snapshot Size Audio
Silicon wafer scribing system. Wafer etching. 14.5 MB Yes
Silicon wafer laser etching. Wafer etching video demonstration 1.7 MB No
Fully automated laser wafer etching. Wafer marking system automated by use of robotics 8.3 MB No
Electronic switch etching. Laser etching electonic component 2.5 MB Yes
Laser system for PCB marking with feeder system and PC board flipping. Etching a printed circuit board 2 MB No
PCB marking and board flipping to mark on both sides Laser etching PCB on both sides with flipper 2 MB Yes
Laser etching On/Off markings on electronic circuit breakers. Laser Marking circuit breakers 2 MB No
Laser etching PCB. laser system demo of PCB Etching 2.6 MB No
PCB Marking with board flipper. Cognex verifies each 2D matrix being laser marked. laser system demo of PCB Etching 2.8 MB No
200mm wafer processing system with 266 nanometer galvo-steered etching above the wafer and fiducial find vision located below the wafer. Wafer laser etching video 3.7 MB No
PCB laser marking with board flipper. PCB laser marking with board flipper. 2.2 MB No


Laser Marking Metal

Description Snapshot Size Audio
#1 Laser etching. Laser marking anodized metal 3.8 MB No
#2 Laser marking stainless steel. Laser engraving stainless steel stove top 3.6 MB No
#3 Laser marking metal tags. Engraving metal tags with bar code verfication 1.2 MB No
#4 Laser engraving law enforcement badges. Laser engraving metal sheriff badge 2 MB No
#5 Laser marking a bearing. Laser marking metal bearing for automotive applications 875 KB No
#6 Laser engraving an automotive sprocket. Laser engraving automotive sprocket 1.1 MB No
#7 Laser etching a logo on stainless steel. Laser engraving tool wrench set 1.1 MB No
#8 Laser engraving top of aluminum can lid. Laser engraving aluminum can 2.6 MB No
#9 Laser marking painted aluminum. Laser marking painted aluminum 2.3 MB No
#10 Laser marking on sporting goods – painted metal. Laser marking painted metal 10.6 MB Yes
#11 Laser marking metal tag – rotary table. Using a rotary table for laser etching 2.7 MB Yes
#12 Laser marking an automotive gear Laser marking an automotive gear 1.7 MB No
#13 Laser marking stainless steel beer kegs with 2D matrix symbols for tracking. Laser marking stainless steel beer kegs with a 2D matrix symbol 5 MB Yes
#14 Laser marking nameplates and circular discs using vision orientation. Laser marking nameplates and circular discs using vision orientation 7 MB No


Laser Marking Medical Devices

Description Snapshot Size Audio
#1 Laser marking plastic tags. Laser Etching on medical id tag 1.1 MB No
#3 Battery cathodes for use in pace-maker. Laser cutting battery cathodes for pacemaker 1.5 MB No
#4 Plastic welding medical devices. Plastic welding with laser 1.9 MB Yes
#5 Plastic medical welding. Plastic welding with laser 770k No
#6 Drill bits being laser etched. Laser etching on drill bits 3 MB No


Pharmaceutical Tablet/Pill Drilling

Description Snapshot Size Audio
#1 100,000 tablets per hour throughput. Etching pills, tablets, or drugs with laser 2.6 MB No
#2 Tablet driller laser system in action. Tablet or pill drilling with laser 3.3 MB Yes


Laser Cutting

#1 Laser cutting battery dielectric from paper. Laser cutting battery dielectric paper 1 MB No
#2 Cutting ceramic sample using laser system. Laser cutting ceramic sample 2.2 MB Yes



Description Snapshot Size Audio
#1 Robotic laser texturing demo. Cutting texture into metal using robot and laser 4 MB No
#2 Robotics to handle Silicon Wafers for laser etching. Robotics to handle Silicon Wafers for laser etching. 1.7 MB No
#3 Silicon Wafers laser etching system with loader. _alt_title_text_ yes
#4 Using robotics to laser weld seals between two cookware parts. Laser welding cookware parts using robotics 2 min yes


Wire Marking – Wire Stripping – Wire Cutting

Description Snapshot Size Audio
#1 High quality, high-res wire marking without masks. Wire stripping with zero defects. Wire cutting with extreme accuracy. All in a single process. Laser marking, stripping and cutting wire 5 MB No
#2 Laser marking cable – hand fed. Laser marking a cable 1.3 MB No
#3 Laser marking cable or wire automatically fed from large spools. Laser marking wire using an automated feed system 3.4 MB No