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Controlled Release Drug Delivery

Article - Laser Drilling Enables Advanced Drug Delivery Systems Time releasing medication is the most common use for tablet drilling. Tablets or capsules can be made in layers with an indigestible coating, followed by medication and possibly another indigestible layer and more medication. The laser drilling allows a aperture or a pattern of apertures to be drilled through the various layers. This permits the medication to be released in the stomach through the apertures. By varying the size and number of apertures the delay of the medication can be "metered".

The non-contact laser process is perfectly suited for this task as the drilling can be accomplished at extremely high rates with an infinite number of aperture sizes and pattern variations. With the addition of a vision system, aperture quality can be controlled, mis-drilled tablets or capsules can be rejected-and all of this can be done on-the-fly.

Additionally, the laser reacts favorably with medication and their carrier materials during the drilling process.

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Control Micro Systems has been an industry innovator in on-the-fly tablet drilling systems for pharmaceutical companies. Our experience with high speed, reliable on-the-fly systems makes us the best choice for drilling your tablets or capsules. Some of our advantages are:

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