Laser Plastic Marking

Permanent Marks on Plastic

Using a CMS Laser system for marking plastics is fast, simple, and extremely efficient. A wide variety of lasers can be used in marking plastics, depending on the actual material, the sort of mark needed, and the speed required. Some mark using heat, and can be used for ablation, expansion, or burned marks. Other lasers (UV) use light (also called Cold Marking) to change the plastic at a molecular level.

Advantages to Laser Plastic Marking

UV laser marking offers several advantages, if it works with your material. With unmatched speed, no consumables, chemicals, or masks required, UV lasers can produce more parts per hour than other methods. They also produce the clearest marks with the highest resolution of any plastic marking method. High resolution marking, along with near microscopic capabilities make UV laser marking a clear winner when marking most plastics.

Laser Plastic Marking Methods

Because of the wide range of materials that fall under the Plastics category, there are also a number of methods for marking them. Some work on nearly any plastic, while certain materials need a very specific application designed for optimal marking.

  • Charring (carbonization) produces dark marks on light plastics.
  • Foaming produces light marks on dark plastics.
  • Ablation removes material by breaking the molecular bonds of the material, essentially vaporizing it.
  • causes various dyes and pigments mixed into the plastic to change color when exposed to various laser wavelengths.
  • Melting raises the temperature to the plastic’s melting point (not high enough for ablation) and creates marks that do not change from the original color.
  • Chemical Change can cause the color to alter as the laser beam interacts with the molecules in the material.

Plastic Marking Application Development

Whatever your plastic material, our engineers in the Applications Lab will develop the perfect laser marking solution. We have more than 15 lasers of various wavelengths and power, along with optics, microscopes, vision verification systems and more. We combine all our experience and this state of the art equipment to ensure that your system meets and exceeds every specification. If you’ll send us samples, we’ll even do a full analysis on your products at no cost and with no obligation.

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