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PCB laser depaneling(singulation) machinePCB depaneling/singulation laser machines and systems have been gaining more popularity due to the fact that circuit boards are getting smaller and more complex. Mainstream depanaling/singulation is done with Routing, Die Cutting, and Dicing Saw methods. However, as the boards get thinner and more sophisticated, these methods are producing more mechanical stress to the parts. These methods work great for PCB depaneling /singulation larger boards. However, if these methods are used for thinner and smaller boards breakage and lower throughput can occur. PCB depaneling/singulation requires more precision and accuracy due to the fact that more sophisticated PCB boards are smaller, thinner, and have higher component ratio.

Challenges with Routing, Die Cutting, and Dicing Saw methods

Lasers, on the other hand are gaining more popularity for PCB depaneling/singulation due to higher precision, lower stress on the parts, and higher throughput. Laser depaneling can be applied to a variety of applications with a simple change in the settings. With lasers, there is no bit or blade sharpening, hassle of lead time reordering dies and parts. Use of lasers in PCB depaneling is dynamic and a noncontact process. Over time, lasers prove themselves to be more cost effective when compared with more traditional methods.

Benefits of Lasers for PCB depaneling/singulation

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