"On-the-Fly" Laser Marking, Cutting, and Drilling

Traditional laser material has involved static positioning of the target part under the laser during the process cycle. The laser completes the desired process (marking, cutting, drilling, etc.) then the part is replaced with the next part to be processed. Part transport is typically accomplished with conveyors, XY tables, rotary tables, robotics or manual loading by the operator.

In 1994, Control Micro Systems introduced a significant advancement in laser processing efficiency with the introduction of "on-the-fly" material processing. With "on-the-fly" processing, the laser marks/cuts/drills the part as it passes through the laser process field without stopping. "On-the-fly" processing reduces or even eliminates part changeover time for a significant improvement in machine throughput.

"On-the-Fly" processing has made possible laser drilling of time-release pharmaceutical tablets at over 100,000 tablets/hour and marking aerospace wire at over 600 feet/minute. Other applications have included marking electrical connectors on hi-speed conveyors and medical tubing on hi-speed extrusion lines, drilling aerosol valves and slitting irrigation tape. Ongoing improvements in "on-the-fly" capabilities have expanded the geometry of laser process reduced the laser power requirements to achieve the desired process results.

Control Micro Systems stands at the forefront of complete turnkey system development tailored to your specific "on-the-fly" professing requirements and manufacturing environment. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of laser performance for your application and the greatest return on your investment…a solutions engineered approach to your laser "on-the-fly" processing needs.

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