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Application: Marking alpha-numerics on plastic


  • Avia 0.5-watt Nd:YVO4 laser
  • 2"x2" marking field
  • Custom part fixturing
  • Fume extractor

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Catheters and stents can be laser marked as well.

Catheter backforms and stents
can be laser marked as well.

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Laser marking on flanges.

Laser marked flanges.

Flange laser marking system.

Flange laser marking system.

Application: Mark a series of rings around the shaft of the drill bit to serve as a gauge of drilling depth.

Features: This Nd:YAG system is integrated with a robotic arm which picks up a drill bit, positions it in the mark field, rotates it during the mark cycle and places the marked bit into a tray. The entire process is controlled by a custom CMS software package.

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Marked drillbits.

Robotic laser marking system.

Robotic laser marking system.

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