Laser Marking Systems

laser marking rotary table

Workstation (Two-Position Rotary Table)

The complete laser marking system is contained in a compact, 22”w x 28”d x 26”h, desktop
laser safe enclosure. The marking enclosure is fabricated from anodized aluminum including
an eye safe viewing window in the enclosure door.

Laser marking is permanent, high-speed, and non-
contact. No masks or stencils are required when using
a laser for marking. And, with laser marking, there is
generally no thermal or mechanical stress on the part
being marked. Using industrial lasers, galvanometric
imaging systems, and computer control, Control Micro
Systems manufactures custom-designed laser material
processing systems that uniquely combine speed,
permanence, and marking flexibility that cannot be
matched by any other marking technique. Our laser
marker systems are precise, versatile, and cost-effective.

Control Micro Systems has designed a wide range of laser
marking systems that offer a variety of laser sources for
direct part marking of almost all metallic and non-metallic
materials. Our state-of-the-art laser marking systems can
be utilized in a variety of industries such as automotive,
aerospace, appliance, glass, electronics, medical, military,
and many more.

CMS Laser maintains the most comprehensive Applications Development Laboratory in the industry. Through strategic partnerships
with leading industrial laser manufacturers, we maintain a diverse selection of laser sources representing their finest products.
Our engineers develop laser applications providing the optimal performance and productivity consistent with your process requirements
and manufacturing environment. Selection of a Control Micro Systems laser system assures you of a laser solution developed to your
specific manufacturing goals, incorporating the most current innovations in laser and optics technologies.

Desktop System

laser marking desktop



This marking workstation is manufactured from a modular aluminum structural framing system.
The high-strength aluminum profiles provide the stability of an optical instrument with the rigidity
and durability of a machine tool.

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laser marking samples

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Control Micro Systems has been developing industrial laser systems since 1983. We offer a full selection of multi-purpose and task specific workstations for manually operated, semi-automated or fully-automated manufacturing. Control Micro Systems is the pioneer of "on-the-fly" laser processing. With advanced beam steering technology and propriety controls, our laser machine tools can often process your parts while in motion to substantially increase throughput and productivity. Control Micro Systems "on-the-fly" laser systems can be provided with true close loop feedback processing. Shown above is just one of many examples of the wide-range of laser marking systems that CMS designs and builds. Call 407.679.9716 or email us to discuss your laser marking application; or for immediate interest, please complete our application form for a complimentary feasibility study on marking your parts.

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