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Welding Plastics

If it's laser welding plastics that you are interested in, please see:

Cell Phone Carriages

Application: Welding cell phone carriages

Features: This dual-headed 220 watt Nd:YAG system was integrated into an existing production line to replace a conventional welder. A 'walking beam' conveyor lifts a tray of parts up into the open floor of the work enclosures for the the welding process. After the welding, the conveyor lowers the trays and moves them on to the next assembly station.

The laser welding system.

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Left piece is laser welded to center piece to create the assembly on right.
The piece on the far left is spot welded in 22 places to the piece in the center to create the assembly on the right.

Battery Terminals

Application: Welding battery terminals

Features: A 220 watt Nd:YAG laser.

Sample of laser welding metal battery anodes and cathodes.
The laser welding system.
The laser welding system.
The laser welding system.

Plastic laser welding

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Laser welding stainless steel cookware

Laser welding stainless steel parts

The laser welding system.
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