Custom Plastic Marking, Etching & Engraving Laser Systems

Instrument Faces

Application: Marking company logo and alpha-numeric text.


  • 1.5 watt Nd:YVO4 laser
  • 12" x 12" marking field
  • 16 bit high precision galvanometers
  • Four-position rotary table

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The Nd:YVO4 laser marking, etching, engraving system.

The Nd:YVO4 laser system.

Laser engraving of company logo and text on an instrument face.

Marked instrument face.

Rotary table inside the laser system.

Rotary table.

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Kitchen Utensils

Application: Marking measuring cups and spoons.

Features: This system was integrated with the customer's existing robot to accept six measuring cups or spoons at a time into its 12" x 16" marking field.

After being marked by the laser, the cups/spoons are automatically placed onto the system's conveyor belt and passed to the next station in the production line.

The laser engraving system for marking on plastic.

The laser marking system.

Laser engraving on measuring cups and spoons.

Marked utensils.

Plastic spoons in the laser system's fixture ready to be engraved.

Spoons in fixture.

Example of a photo image engraved on a plastic cup using the laser system.

Laser photo imaging.

Plastic switches

Application: Engraving alpha-numerics on flat and curved surfaces.

Features: A 25-watt CO2 laser system with bowl feeder contained in a noise reduction enclosure.

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The CO2 laser marking system.

The CO2 laser marking system.

Laser engraving on switches.

Marked switches.

The marking head and fixture inside the enclosed laser system.

The marking head and fixture.

Switches being engraved by the laser.

Switches during the mark cycle.

Wire Looms

Application: Marking alpha-numerics and graphics.

Features: This Nd:YAG laser system incorporates a cam driven rotary indexer, two linear tables and an articulating arm. Multiple parts are loaded into a pneumatic fixture which allows the parts to be marked on three surfaces. When a fixture is loaded, the operator initiates rotation of the table, positioning the parts under the marking head. The marking head moves vertically and linearly to the correct position over each part. After all parts in the fixture are marked on one surface, the fixture pneumatically rotates the parts and the marking resumes. This process continues until all parts in the fixture are marked on three surfaces.

The Nd:YAG laser marking system.

The Nd:YAG laser marking system.

Laser engraved markings on a loom.

Finished loom.

Extruded PVC Pipe

Application: Marking alpha-numeric text on-the-fly.

Features: Built on casters for easy relocation on the manufacturing floor, this 25-watt CO2 system has a custom teflon coated, spring-loaded pipe guide to accommodate various diameters of pipe.

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Laser engraving on a PVC pipe.

Marked pipe.

The CO2 laser marking system.

The CO2 laser marking system.

Adjustable fixture to hold the PVC pipe.

Adjustable fixture.

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