Custom Marking, Etching & Engraving Laser Systems
for Packaging Applications

Beverage Can Ends

Application: High-speed etching


  • Marks 288,000 ends per 8-hr. shift
  • 100-watt diode pumped Nd:YAG laser
  • Vision system
  • Integrated with can end press at the factory

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Laser engraving on a beverage can top

Laser marking on can top

Nd:YAG laser marking, etching and engraving system.

Nd:YAG laser marking system.

Paper Cartons

Application: Marking product code on-the-fly.

Features: A 10 watt CO2 system with conveyor. Product moves through the marking field at the rate of one box every 0.27 seconds. A 10-digit code is burned very lightly on the side of the box so that it is inconspicuous to the end user but can be easily read by quality control personnel.

Laser marking on boxes.

Sample marked boxes.

The CO2 laser system with conveyor.

CO2 laser system with conveyor.

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