Custom Laser Systems for Marking & Engraving Electronics


Application: Engraving the connectors on various sizes of computer circuit cards.

Features: This system is built around a 10 watt CO2 laser. The computer cards are hand loaded onto the infeed end of the belt conveyor and are marked as they pass under the focusing lens. The cards do not stop while on the conveyor. They pass through a series of pneumatic doors that are timed by optical sensors to open and close sequentially, assuring CDRH Class-1 guarding throughout the marking cycle.

Laser engraving on connectors.

Marked connectors.

The CO2 laser system.

The CO2 laser system.

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Plastic Housings

Application: Engraving alpha-numerics and logo.

Features: This CO2 laser system was designed to mark components "on-the-fly." The parts are manually loaded onto a shelf and slid onto the conveyor. Air nozzles blow the components against a back rail for x-axis orientation. When a part moves into the mark field, a sensor detects it and automatically starts the lasing process. The parts move continuously through the mark field and finally drop into the customer's bin at the end of the conveyor.

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Laser engraving on plastic housings.

Marked housings.

The CO2 laser system for engraving parts.

The laser system.

The loading tray on the laser system.

The manual load device.

Crystal Oscillators

Application: Marking alpha-numerics on ceramic.

Features: The oscillators move through the system on hand-loaded fixture trays. An integrated up-stacker delivers a tray to the input belt conveyor which transports the tray into the work enclosure. There, a walking beam conveyor receives the tray and moves it into the marking field, indexes it until all the oscillators have been marked, then transfers the tray to the output belt conveyor, which transports the tray out of the work enclosure and onto a downstacker.

The laser system.
Laser marking on Crystal oscillators.


Fixture to hold the oscillators in the laser system.


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The laser system.

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