Laser Welding

Welding with Lasers

Welding metals is the most common and generally understood use of laser welders, but the next generation is laser plastic welding. With the help of chemical additives and very particular requirements of types and colors of the welded plastics, it has become commonplace in manufacturing around the world. Most recently, clear on clear laser plastic welding is being done with no additional additives, and with weld seams that are microns wide.

The advances in laser welding have broadened its application to thousands of new products. Medical devices with extremely tight tolerances and sizes ranging down to the near invisible are able to be welded. The solar industry has found increased production speed and reliability in creating solar films. Cups, sporting goods, and automotive parts are being made faster and stronger due to the widespread application of laser welding.

Control Micro Systems builds custom laser welding systems around your processes and needs. We will work with any commercially available laser. Our system designs are oriented to work with your parts and, when applicable, your automated production line. We pioneered “On the Fly” technology in laser production, and our systems will increase your throughput and decrease your cost per part.

Let us show you how we can increase your throughput and yield and build a ROI model that meets your requirements. Contact us at 407.679.9716 or use our Sample Processing Request Form to have our Applications Lab evaluate your parts and identify the perfect laser solution for you.