Laser Marking

 Laser Marking

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Laser marking is a high-speed and non-contact process that is used to mark a variety of materials using focused laser sources. Laser marking can use a vector drawing process (like a pencil on paper) or a raster marking process to mark almost any pattern imaginable onto your parts including: text, graphics, barcodes, and 2D data matrixes. Unlike traditional marking processes, laser marking does not require any masks, inks, or custom machining bits to be used. This drastically decreases operating costs and reduces changeover time between different parts or designs.

Using industry leading laser sources, galvanometer beam control systems, and custom software, Control Micro Systems, Inc. (CMS Laser) manufactures custom-designed laser marking systems that uniquely combine speed, performance, and flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers develop the laser marking application to provide the optimal performance and productivity for your process requirements and manufacturing environment.

CMS Laser maintains one of the most comprehensive Applications Development Laboratory in the industry. Through strategic partnerships with leading industrial laser manufacturers, we maintain a diverse selection of laser sources representing their finest products. For no-cost-to-you applications development on your samples fill out the Sample Processing Request Form or contact our sales engineers directly at

Control Micro Systems, Inc. has designed a wide range of systems that offer a variety of laser sources for direct part marking.  Our state-of-the-art laser systems can be utilized in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, appliance, glass, electronics, medical, military, and many more.

Laser Plastic Marking

Laser Plastic Marking employs a variety of techniques to create a permanent mark on your plastic parts. Depending on the type of plastic and color, a range of laser wavelengths can be used.

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Laser Marking of Glass

Lasers can be used to create an external or internal mark depending on your requirements. External laser glass marking creates etches on the outside surface of the part. Internal laser glass marking creates micro cracks inside the bulk of the glass while not affect the outside surface at all. 3D internal marks can also be achieved using a varying focal position.

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Laser Metal Marking

Whether you require a surface mark (oxidation, color change) or an engraved mark on your metal parts, CMS Laser can design a system to meet your needs. Short wavelengths can mark highly reflective metals like gold and copper.

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Laser Ceramic Marking

Marking ceramic can be done using near-IR and shorter wavelengths. Spot sizes are small enough to mark many surface mount electronic components.

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Laser Marking