Laser Marking

Marking with Lasers

Laser marking is permanent, high-speed, and non-contact. No masks or stencils are required and, with laser marking, there is generally no thermal or mechanical stress on the part. Using industrial lasers, galvanometric imaging systems, and computer control, Control Micro Systems manufactures custom laser marking systems designed for to meet the exact needs of your business, and to optimize your actual application.

We can uniquely combine speed, permanence, and marking flexibility that cannot be matched by any other marking technique. Our laser marker systems are precise, versatile, highly reliable and cost-effective.

We have designed a wide range of laser marking systems that offer a variety of laser sources for direct part marking of almost all metallic and non-metallic materials. Our state-of-the-art laser marking systems can be utilized in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, appliance, glass, electronics, medical, military, and many more.

CMS Laser maintains the most comprehensive Applications Development Laboratory in the industry. Through strategic partnerships with leading industrial laser manufacturers, we maintain a diverse selection of laser sources representing their finest products. Our engineers develop laser applications providing optimal performance and productivity consistent with your process requirements and manufacturing goals. Control Micro Systems will provide you with a laser system solution developed to your specific manufacturing goals, incorporating the most current innovations in laser and optics technologies.