Industrial applications for lasers have increased substantially over the last decade. CMS Laser’s equipment is increasingly being used in fully automated marking, cutting, welding, and drilling. With our “On The Fly” (OTF) technology, speeds that can be accomplished are substantial improvements over other methods. The laser brings high value in whatever application it’s used, but when it’s a part of complete automation, its ROI is unparalleled.

Lasers as a part of an automated manufacturing system can increase production speed, reduce bad pieces, improve line safety, and eliminate down time. The extreme accuracy ensures that each part is processed correctly. With automated optical verification, yields become much higher. With less down time, your operators have fewer interventions with the system, meaning greater safety and higher throughput.

CMS Laser designs and builds automated systems to meet your specific needs. We have designed systems that process as many as 140,000 parts per hour (Tablet Drilling) and can move product to 120/inches a second (Wire marking) both with optical verification. These are just a few examples of systems supplied to existing customers.

CMS Laser can provide sample parts, at no cost, to show feasibility. We can then design a manual prototype system to prove viability of process. We then create a fully automated system duplicating the proven process and take it into full manufacturing.

With over 30 years of system control designs, automation expertise and an Application Lab with impressive capabilities, CMS Laser can work with you from concept to high volume manufacturing regardless of laser type or manufacturer. We have worked with small and niche companies to some of the largest corporations doing business today (see our Client List).

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