Sporting Goods

Laser Marking

The Sporting Goods industry has embraced the use of lasers rapidly over the past decade. Designs previously using ink or molds are now being completed with lasers on rubber, plastic, leather, metals, and countless other materials. Constant handling of sporting goods causes ink marks to wear away quickly, and molded marks can be difficult to read due to low contrast. CMS laser marking systems provide a solution for marking, engraving and embossing that is permanent.
Lasers used in the manufacturing of sporting goods have proven invaluable to businesses around the world (see our Client List). From Frisbees to hang gliders, logos and designs marked on the part will not wear away. Anywhere a company wants to permanently add marks, a CMS Laser marking system is the solution.

Laser Engraving

A great deal of sporting goods have been laser engraved. Footballs, basketballs, baseball gloves, golf clubs, bats, bicycles…the list is long. Serial numbers on bike frames, logos on leather balls and gloves, and the names and logos of the world’s largest golf club manufacturers are all added via laser engraving.

Whatever your product, our engineers will pair the perfect laser with our custom built systems to provide you with a fast, accurate, high ROI machine to meet your needs. Send your sample parts (Apps Lab Form) to us and we’ll find a solution for you, at no cost to you. Our Applications Lab is unequaled in the world of laser systems development. We can and will find a way to make your manufacturing processes more efficient, helping you grow your business with lower costs per part.