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Whether marking wafers or die with serial or batch identification numbers, or cutting individual die, lasers have distinct advantages and cost savings over any other methods previously used in semiconductor manufacturing. The non contact and low residual processes are required in marking from blank silicon wafers to completed, packaged devices. In other areas related to semiconductor, package marking in JEDEC trays, lead frame cutting, micro welding, delidding, cross sectioning, solar cells and trimming, CMS Laser can provide a solution for your needs.

Our field service group has been factory trained and certified on all major optical components on our systems. This allows us to meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturers with fast and competent responses

Laser Cutting

CMS Laser’s systems allow for cutting regular and irregular patterns with extremely high tolerances. This gives you the ability to make cuts very close to circuits and sensitive materials without damage. With the ability to use any available laser on the market, we can find a solution for your requirement.

Laser Marking

CMS Laser systems are developed and built to meet your specific requirements. Laser marking is broadly used in the semiconductor industry due to its speed and accuracy. Combined with our high speed galvanometers, we can mark any material with clear, machine readable lettering, numbers, logos, and more. These systems can be a basic manual load type, up to a fully automated system that has optical verification designed to be placed in a clean room.