Drug Delivery – Using Lasers to Drill Tablets PDF

Laser Drilling for Pharmaceutical Tablets

Laser drilling is well established as an economically viable method for producing sub-millimeter apertures in pharmaceutical tablets. The benefits of sophisticated drug delivery systems are well proven, including decreased dosing frequency, more consistent drug concentration in the blood, and even customized delivery profiles. Osmotic drug delivery systems have proven especially valuable for providing controlled release of medications.

For the manufacturer, laser tablet drilling provides a high speed, highly accurate system that is largely self-operating, and able to visually verify aperture accuracy, even at speeds exceeding 140,000 tablets per hour. The typical aperture in osmotic pump tablets ranges from about 600 μm to 1 mm. Laser drilling, with throughput rates exceeding 140,000 tablets/hour, can easily produce apertures with these necessary dimensional tolerances and cosmetic appearance. As a result, laser drilling is the technology of choice for pharmaceutical tablet production.

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