Lasers in Medical Device Manufacturing

Lasers have been a significant driver of medical technology in the past 20 years. Applications range from drilling minute holes in drug delivery systems and helping in the creation of nano-technologies, to significantly reducing the invasive nature of surgeries. CMS Laser continues to provide world-class custom laser systems for the medical device manufacturing industry.


Laser Marking Medical Devices

There’s no margin for error in the medical device industry. Marking must be permanent, accurate, fast, and clean. Our laser systems have a long history of success in medical device manufacturing, marking catheter backforms and stents, pacemaker components, dental drill bits, tools, measuring equipment, flanges,and much more. Metals, plastics and glass materials are all widely used and our engineering staff has developed applications for them, in their many variants.

Advantages of Medical Device Marking using Lasers

Each material used in the medical device industry provides unique challenges to most marking methods. Inks don’t change the part surface, but are messy to work with, and are susceptible to scuffing and rubbing away. Stamping and engraving can leave a permanent mark, but they can be low contrast and difficult to see, and any change to the mark requires new tooling and downtime.

Lasers offer speed, repeatability, and no mechanical contact with the part. They can mark to sizes imperceptible to the human eye, and precision high-speed galvos keep to very close tolerances. Changing the mark content is done by simply loading new graphics. And for metals and plastics, lasers mark the surface without any surface height/depth changes, making cleaning and sanitizing an easier process. All this means lower marking cost per part, and higher production from your lines.

Laser Marking Systems for the MDM Industry

Whether you’re marking medical grade plastics, metals, glass, or other materials, our systems are designed specifically to match each client’s needs. Our Apps Lab is ready to provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation feasibility study.


Medical Device Drilling using Lasers

Medical devices are getting smaller and so are the apertures required in these products. CMS Laser systems easily drill holes 50 microns wide and can achieve <5 microns in certain specific applications. For perspective, 0.001 inches is approximately 25 microns wide and a red blood cell is about 10 microns.

Laser Drilling Applications for the MDM Industry

Apertures this small create mesh from solid material, are used in stents and vascular balloons, catheters, and diagnostic sensors. These laser drilling systems are allowing engineers and scientists to make incredible leaps forward in medical device manufacturing design, development, and application.


Laser Cutting for Medical Device Manufacturers

Efficient manufacturing requires repeatability meeting exact tolerances. It wants speeds that match other parts of the production cycle and that reduces the number of machines needed to equal those cycles. Laser cutting systems are uniquely able to meet the demands of modern medical device manufacturing processes.

Advantages to Laser Cutting for MDM

With no mechanical contact to the material, the need for sharpening and replacing blades is eliminated. There’s no down time for retooling, and there’s no variation from part to part found with mechanical methods that wear due to use. Changing cutting paths is a simple programmatic adjustment that can also account for different materials and thicknesses, depending on the system.


Laser Welding & Medical Device Manufacturing

Metal and plastic welding each have a solid foothold in the manufacture of medical devices. More devices designed to work inside the bodies of humans and animals requires joining capabilities that are adhesive and chemical-free. Both metals and plastics can be welded with extraordinary precision in welds well under 100 microns. Add in the ability to get welding beams into spots that other processes simply cannot go, and the advantage is clear. Medical device manufacturing is pushing laser welding to great achievement and laser welding, in turn, provides new capabilities in the MDM industry.

CMS Laser’s MDM Industry Welding Systems

CMS Laser’s welding systems are used across many manufacturing sectors, and the expertise gained by meeting the needs of all these sectors continuously grows our capabilities within individual ones. Our medical device laser welding systems are used in companies around the globe. Contact our Apps Lab engineers today to receive a no-cost, no-obligation application designed for your company, using your sample parts.

Our Applications Lab engineers will take your samples and develop laser solutions for your production process, and they do it for free.

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