Lasers have been a significant driver of medical technology in the past 20 years. Applications range from drilling infinitesimal holes in drug delivery systems, and helping in the creation of nano-technologies, to significantly reducing the invasive nature of surgeries, helping patients recover faster and better. CMS Laser is proud to continue our long history of developing world-class custom laser systems for multiple medical device manufacturers.


Laser Marking

In an industry that requires 100% accuracy, labeling medical devices with proper information is paramount. Whether simple bar or QR codes, or complex and sequential information, our laser marking systems have long been used in the medical device industry. Right now our lasers are marking catheter backforms and stents, dental drill bits, flanges, and much more. Plastics, metals, and glass/ceramics can all be marked with the level of perfection demanded by the medical industry.

Marks can be as simple as measuring lines, or database driven, sequential serial numbers that identify when and where each part was made. No other marking method can equal the speed, repeatability, and low part rejection numbers that laser marking methods offer. This means lower costs per part, and much higher throughput per hour, increasing profit and ROI, and reducing overhead.


Laser Drilling

As systems get smaller, allowing internal body placement, so do the holes required in these products. Our systems routinely make holes 50 microns wide and, if necessary, can get down to a single micron in very specific applications. Just for a bit of perspective, 0.001 inches (one thousandth of an inch) is 25.4 microns wide! A red blood cell is about 10 microns.

These tiny holes can create mesh from solid materials, are used in stents and vascular balloons, catheters, and diagnostic sensors. It’s allowed for astounding leaps forward in medicine and it will be a force in medical device development and creation for decades to come.


Laser Cutting

Mass production of medical devices needs the manufacturing process to run without downtime, and for there to be no variance from part to part. Lasers are hard at work in plants around the world, cutting a wide variety of materials perfectly, while part sizes still continue to shrink. Other methods would require down time for retooling, at a minimum, while laser cutting systems need only to have the parameters of the cutting pattern redrawn. This can be minutes instead of hours or days. There is no cost for new tooling. It’s a programmatic adjustment that can account for different materials, thicknesses, and shapes. Less time resetting means more uptime and more parts per hour can be run. It’s the most cost effective cutting method available.

Our Applications Lab engineers will take your samples and devise laser solutions for your production process, and they do it for free. Simply send your samples to us. We’ll reach out for any specific parameters needed and get to work.