Laser Marking on Glass

Below you will find some of the custom systems that we’ve built for our clients. We start with a blank page and build the most optimal and cost efficient system to achieve your exact goal. Since we have complete control of the process and employ some of the world’s top engineers and programmers we can truly build a custom solution including, writing software specifically for you application!

Lasers are advantageous for creating marks on and in glass. Glass etching has it’s more utilitarian uses, like etching VINs into automotive glass, but it can also produce very complex designs on AND in glass.

This is an example of the system that integrates into a convener system that feeds large glass solar panels. When glass is detected by the laser system; the system will mark a required logo.

CDRH Class IV, 100-Watt, CO2 Glass Marking Laser System w/ Optional XY Axes for integration.

We can build a custom glass laser marking or etching machine as per your specifications!

Specifications of this particular system.

CO2 Glass Marking Laser System featuring

1. 100-Watt, Air-Cooled CO2 Laser
2. 16-Bit High-Resolution Galvanometer System
3. 76.2 mm x 76.2 mm Marking Field
4. LaserGraf32 w/Windows™ Operating System
5. 43.2cm Flat Screen Monitor
6. Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets
7. CDRH Class IV Component Configuration
8. System Run-Off and Training @ Control Micro Systems
9. Documentation and Manuals

CO2 Laser Glass Marking System


Specifications of this particular Glass Laser Marking system

1. Laser: CO2
2. State-of-the-art technology
3. Etch trademarks, logos, automatic date codes & 2D matrices
4. Output Power: 30-250 watts
5. No masks, no mess
6. Standard & reverse images
7. Low glass stress
8. Exceptional control & flexibility
9. Power: 110 VAC, 50Hz | 230 VAC, 50Hz
10. Type: Sealed-tube, RF-excited
11. Focusing Assembly: 2″-7″ square marking field
12. Drop-in-line systems or full turnkey automation
13. Database tie-ins
14. Low maintenance, high reliability
15. Climate control enclosure

Laser Glass Etching

CMS Laser, the leader in CO2 laser glass etching technology, designs and builds industrial turnkey laser systems to etch all type of glass in variety of industries. We use our own optics, hardware, laser control circuits and marking software to achieve state-of-the-art etching of logos, trademarks, date codes and 2Dmatrix codes that, tests have proven, do not adversely affect the strength of the glass after marking.

The benefits of laser etching over conventional methods are significant. The laser requires no consumables and leaves no mess or hazards to clean up.  No masks are required – changes to trademarks or images are just a few keystrokes away. DXF or PCX formatted graphics can be imported directly into the system and CMS Laser’s LaserGraf© software lets you switch between standard or reverse image etching within seconds.

There are no external moving parts on the CMS Laser system. We move the laser beam (like a pencil on paper) instead of moving the entire marking head like first generation laser etching systems do.

Integrating the pulsing capability of the laser with a pair of ultra-fast, high resolution galvanometers,CMS Laser achieves a marking speed and a mark quality that far surpasses dot matrix laser markers. There are no external moving parts on the CMS Laser system. We move the laser beam (like a pencil on paper) instead of moving the entire marking head like first generation laser etching systems do.

Portable Hand-Held System for Laser ethcing


Nearly any glass or crystal can be etched with logos, artwork, intricate lettering and more, and lasers accomplish it without masks or stencils. No waste, no consumables, no cleanup. In fact, in the time it takes to create a stencil, align it perfectly on the part, blast it, remove the stencil, and do it again, a laser glass etching system may have completed an entire batch. Repeatability is exceptional, with no chance of the misalignment of the mark. Systems can put the same mark on many pieces, like a logo, or unique content on consecutive parts, like the aforementioned VIN numbers.

CMS Laser has hundreds of glass etching systems in manufacturing facilities around the world, capable of etching parts on the fly, regardless of their alignment to the lens. Our “Vision Part Alignment” systems read the orientation of each part on a production line and adjust the etching beam to write according to that orientation. This increases processing speed considerably, allowing feeders and operators to run each part without consideration of “correct” placement.

Another advantage our glass etching systems offer is in etching round parts, like wine bottles, stemware, and spheres. Rotation of the part ensures an even etch from the stationary laser. The optics’ depth of field accounts for small variations in the actual roundness of the part and gives an even mark on parts, even when doing full 360° etching.

Nucleation Laser Etching Inside Glass

Laser Engraving Inside Glass

Laser engraved sample looks very similar to the one that was etched by laser. One minor difference is that laser will penetrate a little deeper into the glass with laser engraving process. Glass etching term derived from acid etching process and more modern glass engraving has become a known as engraving. Furthermore, in today’s technology these terms are used interchangeably. Please look into our Laser Etching process samples and videos and you will have a much better idea of our capabilities. If your application specifically requires Etching with Laser inside glass, please contact us us with your specific requirements and provide details of your application.

Talk with our Apps Lab engineers to see how our laser glass etching systems can decrease development and production time, while increasing part throughput and ROI or send your samples along with what you would like to do. Our lab will give you a no-cost and no-obligation

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