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Laser Glass Etching

U.S. Patent #8598489

Lasers are advantageous in creating marks on and in glass. Glass etching has it’s more pedestrian uses, like etching VINs into automotive glass, but it can also produce very complex designs on AND in glass.

Nearly any glass or crystal can be etched with logos, artwork, intricate lettering and more, and laser glass etching does it all without masks or stencils. No waste, no consumables, no cleanup. In fact, in the time it takes to create a stencil, align it perfectly on the part, blast it, remove the stencil, and do it again, a laser glass etching system may have completed an entire batch. And each piece gets exactly the same etching each time, or each piece can have its own unique content.

In fact, CMS Laser has several glass etching systems in manufacturing facilities around the world that etch each part in exactly the same way, regardless of the part’s alignment. Our “Vision Part Alignment” system can read the orientation of the part on a production line and adjust the etching beam to write according to that orientation. That increases processing speed considerably by allowing feeders and operators to simply place the part down without consideration of “correct” placement.

Another advantage CMS Laser glass etching systems offer is etching round parts, like wine bottles, stemware, and spheres. Rotation of the part ensures an even etch from the stationary laser. The optics’ depth of field can account for small variations in the actual roundness of the part and gives an even mark on parts, even when doing a full 360° etching.

Glass Etching Videos

Marking Inside Glass

Marking Inside Glass

Want more creativity and flexibility? Now you can etch internally with glass using UV lasers. By adjusting the focal point of beam, it can actually mark between the surfaces of the glass. The applications are endless. Cooktops with control markings that have no surface difference between marked and unmarked areas. Game pieces (dice/dominoes/etc.) that have no indentations. Automotive glass with VINs that can’t be scuffed away. Artwork that have serial numbers or signatures added in creative ways. Those that create and manufacture with glass can imagine and create whole new product lines.

If you’re wondering what might be possible for your business, talk with our engineers or send a few samples to our Applications Lab along with what you would like to do.

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